No1options Review

No1options Review

No1options Review

Since investing money in stocks is no longer a secure way to realize great income, here’s how you can take advantage of the market’s ebb and flow, and earn money without even buying assets, stocks or commodities.  No1Options is a binary options trading platform with amazing features for any user. One great thing about the website is that it has an extremely user-friendly interface, thus you can intuitively figure out how the entire thing works, even as a first-timer. Additionally, you’ll have access to a history of value performance of all the stocks, commodities, indices, and currencies. At the very bottom of the home page there is a quick overview in form of the video that you can watch to bring you up to speed.

Different accounts with various perks, different types of trades, this platform has it all. All you need is some good background knowledge, and a sound judgment, in order to make a substantial profit.  No1Options is an embodiment of the reason why binary options trades are so popular nowadays. This review will provide the readers with thorough insight into the No1Options trading platform, and give you enough reasons why to opt for them as your trading options provider. For anyone who is a binary options trading veteran the whole system will be quite comprehensive, but we will cover all the features later throughout the text.


  • You can realize an income that goes up to 81% of the initial investment simply because you made a correct speculation.
  • You can sell your option back, if you are uncertain about your decision
  • You can follow your options with ease due to a user-friendly interface of the platform.
  • It is a browser based platform you can even access via smartphone device, and you have no need to install any sort of software, to participate in trades.
No1Options Home Page

No1Options Home Page


When it comes to accounts, users have the five following choices – each one is more expensive than the last, but comes with greater perks. Please note that actual minimum deposit at No1Options is only 100 GBP/USD/EUR.

The first account type is the Student account and it has a minimal initial deposit of 250 GBP/USD/EUR, you will also get up to 25% bonus and all the usual features of binary options trading account like: the risk management tool, multi-platform trading, starter guide in e-books form, e-video library and 24/7 customer support.

The next one is Silver, with an initial deposit of 2,500 GBP/USD/EUR and bonus that goes up to 50%. The silver account gives you all the same benefits as the student account, plus you get trade signals and an account manager once a week.

The next one is called the Gold account that has an initial deposit of 500 GBP/USD/EUR, but the bonus goes as far as 100%. The perks are basically the same as the ones in Silver account but instead you have account manager and trade signals available twice a week. Moreover, there is another perk introduced into Gold account and it’s called risk free trade. Basically, you can have risk free trades for a whole month, making this a perfect account choice for beginners.

No1Options Deposit Page

No1Options Deposit Page

The most popular account is called Personal Broker, and it can be yours for a deposit of 10000 GBP/USD/EUR, but in return you get your own personal mentor. As far as other perks are concerned you have a potential bonus that goes up to 125%, you have account manager and trade signals on daily basis, and risk free trading for an entire two month period. Personal Broker and Gold accounts are recommended for first time users since the risk is lower and you have access to intermediate and starter pack e-books.

Lastly there is a VIP account, at the price of 50000 GBP/USD/EUR, but in addition to a mentor you get your own personal analyst. You will also have the same advantages of Gold and Personal Broker account, up to 150% bonus, advanced e-book guides, and 3 months risk free trading.  Do not worry about the currencies since the site is compatible with Euros and US Dollars as well. However, once you select a desired currency it cannot be changed, if you wish to make a switch you will need to make  another account.

If you are completely new to binary options trading than it would be wise to try out a demo account. Demo account does not allow you to earn money, but rather simulates the trading environment. In other words, you will have a glimpse in what the real trading looks like. By using demo account you can at least know where you stand, whether you need more practice or not. Afterwards you can participate in real trades with greater degree of confidence.

Registration for No1Options is free of charge however, if you wish to participate in any sort of trade you will have to make a minimum deposit. The minimum deposit for participating in trades on No1Options, is 100 GBP/USD/EUR, once again depending on your selected currency.



There is the most basic trading feature known as Call or Put, and it is available on both fast trading and long term trading option. You can choose expiry that ranges from 30 seconds up to a whole year and choose the amount you want to invest. If the value of the chosen asset reaches the threshold you have assigned, you will earn your returns. On the left bar you will have your payout, potential payout and protected amount displayed. You can also prolong the trade if you feel it will need more time, or double up your investment if you feel like you have stumbled upon a trend. Alternatively, you can back out of the trade if you are no longer certain that it will live up to your expectations. Moreover, you have a bar at the bottom of the graph that displays the trader’s choices, and the graphs themselves display the value of the asset throughout history.

The Pairs feature allows the user to place two assets to compete with one another, just choose two assets and if you think the first asset will have a higher value than the second one in a given time period click call, if not click put. A truly dynamic trade option is called Touch/No Touch, and if you think a particular asset will touch the assigned value, either high one or low one, then you click Touch. If you think the asset won’t touch any of assigned values and stay within their range, click No Touch. Touch/ No Touch options offers a chance of realizing a substantial return, which is why it is so fun. If you want more control over your finances choose Option Builder, since it allows you to modify your profit to risk ratio. For more professional traders there is a ladder trade option, where you speculate how a particular asset will dominate the charts.  All of these features are quite interesting, and allow you to speculate the value of Currencies, Commodities, Values and finally Stocks.

No1Options Short Term Option

No1Options Short Term Option


As far as banking options are concerned, No1Options allows for an array of renowned payment methods for making your deposit. You can do it by credit card, and the following ones are supported: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Maestro UK (Switch). As a safety measure, your credit card number will not be saved in the No1Options database, so you will need to re-enter it every time you want to participate in a new transaction. There are no limitations to the maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts, unless you want to deposit a bonus amount, which is fully elaborated on in the user agreement. As far as the minimum deposit amount is concerned, you can’t withdraw less than 100 GBP/USD/EUR. When creating an account you will have to go through the standard procedure to verify your identity and home address.

You can also use wire transfer, which means transferring the funds directly from your bank account, but bear in mind that banks may have additional fees when these transfers are used. Any wire transfer you make must be over 500USD, and the bank usually takes a commission of 25USD. You should also send an e-mail copy of the wire transfer to, and bear in mind that it will take up to 5 working days before the money reaches the intended location. If you have any misgivings about the whole transfer, feel free to contact No1Options customer support.

The E-Wallet method is also a good way to go, and No1Options supports all the major E-wallet options like Skrill, Netteller, Ukash, etc.

Rest assured that both deposits and withdrawals are secured, and the whole process is both quick and simple.

No1Options Withdrawal Page

No1Options Withdrawal Page


Customer support is almost always available, and you can feel free to contact them by either mail or live chat feature. If you want to make things more personal you can even use a phone number – just find the one that is for your area in particular. No1Options trades strives to provide their users with the best experience possible, and are willing to address all your concerns about the trading system.




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