Olymp Trade CCI oscillator

Olymp Trade CCI Oscillator

Olymp Trade CCI Oscillator

More news from the online trading industry! You know how we like to keep an eye out for new deals and opportunities, and that approach has paid off on numerous occasions. This is one such case because we have news about Olymp Trade CCI oscillator, a completely new feature which is being introduced to the broker’s platform as we’re writing this. As a consequence, you will have new options when it comes to performing market analysis, so we took some time to list all the benefits this new feature brings. More experienced traders will like this addition very much, but it can also show newcomers how intricate the world of online trading can be. Read on and learn all about it.

What is Olymp Trade CCI oscillator?

So, what is Olymp Trade CCI oscillator? Well, given that it’s an oscillator, you can guess that it shows you how much an asset’s price is removed from a certain value. In this case, we’re talking about its average value. The tool will have a chart of its own which will appear just above the regular price chart and you will be able to monitor the behavior. If it breaks the +100 or -100, that’s the signal for you to start trading in the opposite direction because the CCI always leans towards average levels. Therefore, the more it is removed from the average, the stronger the chance for a trend reversal is. Of course, that’s not the only way you can use this tool.

How to use it?

As we have already underlined in our Olymp Trade Review, you have quite an impressive array of options when trading here. Therefore, you can combine the Olymp Trade CCI oscillator with some other analytical tools like MACD. The broker recommends that you test this on the EUR/USD pair, since it will give you the clearest idea about how this tool operates. Apart from drawing support and resistance levels on your chart, a neat thing about this is the fact that you can also draw other shapes and see how they fit into the grand scheme of things. Naturally, this expands the scope of your analysis by quite a bit. Just don’t forget to apply the correct time period in which you want to analyze things. There are plenty of those too, so you really should be able to set everything up exactly as you want it.

Olymp Trade CCI Oscillator Usage

Olymp Trade CCI Oscillator Usage


And those are the basics you need to know about the Olymp Trade CCI oscillator. It’s a great new addition to the broker’s platform, and we are very happy to see this company working on improving its trading environment and providing its clients with new trading choices. If you loved them before, you’ll love them even more now, but if you still haven’t traded here, we sincerely recommend you give it a go. Open an account with Olymp Trade now to trade with one of the best-equipped companies in the forex industry.


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