OneTwoTrade Review 2015

OneTwoTrade Review

OneTwoTrade Review

It was not long ago that this broker was established, and immediately after they had been founded in the year 2011, they were handed the license by LGA out of Malta. They have been operating on the latest SpotOption platform and are well equipped with a bunch of advanced trading features including colored screen views and multiple charts. They offer both short term and long term trading options with some of the short term trading options have expiration time as low as 30 seconds. However, this is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to OneTwoTrade’s offer because you have an impressive array of assets and options available to you as soon as you log in. This extensive OneTwoTrade review will try to show you what to expect, should you decide to make this broker your own. There really is much to see here, so stay with us till the end of this OneTwoTrade review!

OneTwoTrade Review 2015 | Customer Support and Education

OneTwoTrade has a fully operational customer service. They have a fully functional trading academy with videos that are highly demanded by traders all the time. But it’s not just about the videos, because this academy will provide you with everything you need to become a successful trader. There are strategy tips, daily analysis, glossary of assets available and even something called OneTwoTrade TV which is a series of interesting shows dealing with various types of trading. You will also get a special binary options course video and free eBooks along with it for downloading. Let’s continue our OneTwoTrade review with a couple of words about support.

Apart from such highly stuffed educational material, OneTwoTrade also provides you a 24/7 customer support. You can contact them via a live support chat, or email, or a toll-free phone number provided by them. You don’t have to worry about the language being on their platform as OneTwoTrade operates in 19 different languages. The team is exceptionally well educated and skilled, so you shouldn’t have any problems in sorting out each and every one of your potential problems. Not that you should expect any, of course, because OneTwoTrade adheres to the very highest standards in the industry and their clients are generally very satisfied. Next topic of this OneTwoTrade review is banking, so stay with us!

OneTwoTrade trading academy

OneTwoTrade Trading Academy

OneTwoTrade Review 2015 | Deposits and Withdrawals

Creating an account with OneTwoTrade is completely free and you can do so right away. But to start trading you would need to deposit a minimum of 250 GBP/USD/EUR in your trading funds. Depositing your initial amount is really easy. You can use any method to deposit your money– including Neteller, Credit card, Money bookers and Bank transfers, etc. Since OneTwoTrade is using a high security 128 bit SSL encryption technology, depositing your funds with this broker is fully safe. If you are still wondering about this broker’s reliability, we suggest you read our OneTwoTrade Scam Test 2016 because there you will learn everything about the security on this website. We have formed a special team in order to find out just how reliable this broker really is and they had some interesting results to report, so go and check it out. And now we’ll continue our OneTwoTrade review with withdrawal policy.

Profitable win at OneTwoTrade platform

OneTwoTrade Profitable Win

Coming to their withdrawal policy, OneTwoTrade is very relaxed in terms of withdrawals. There are no stern rules, except, you will receive the withdrawal within 3 to 5 days and that you need to pay a minimum procession fee of 50 GBP/USD/EUR or 1% (whichever is higher). That being said, they do ask for your identity proof before sending your withdrawal, so you will need to provide them with a copy of your photo ID (passport or driver’s license will do just fine) and a proof of your current address (you can use a simple utility bill for this purpose). This is just to ensure that your money is being delivered to safe hands and no money laundering activities take place. Plus, all brokers are required by law to perform these kinds of checks, so don’t hold this against any of them. Expect more useful information in the rest of this OneTwoTrade Review!


OneTwoTrade Review 2015 | Trading options

When trading, a lot of options are presented on this platform. It is one of the smoothest platforms, as stated in our OneTwoTrade Review 2016, in terms of trading options. A trader can start one’s trading with extremely low amounts too. You can place your minimum trade with funds as low as 5 USD. This amount is applicable for trading in 60 seconds binary trading. For all other types of trading the minimum amount is 25 USD.

The trading features of this platform include:

  • 30 seconds binary options
  • 60 seconds binary options
  • 2 minute binary options
  • Double up feature
  • Early selling
  • Standard binary option – call/put
  • Advanced colored chart
  • One touch binary option
  • Screen view of 4 orders
  • 106 stocks
  • 7 commodities
  • 32 currency pairs
  • 33 indices
OneTwoTrade 60seconds feature

OneTwoTrade 60seconds feature

Apart from these, the platform also has an auto trading robot. This robot carries out trades for you automatically and it is called Botomatics. Such kinds of auto traders are provided only in highly efficient platforms like OneTwoTrade. With the BOT, the trader does not have to log in to their account every day. Their trades will be judged by the software algorithm and their next course of action will be taken on their behalf. This is a huge relief for many traders out there who can’t dedicate too much time for trading. We have examined Botomatics Auto Trading Software pretty thoroughly, so if you are interested in this kind of assistance, head over to the provided link and learn more about it.

OneTwoTrade Review 2015 | Account types

To access the processes of OneTwoTrade, the traders can either open a Privilege account or a free trading account. Of course, the Privilege Plus members are entitled to several other benefits which the free account holders do not get; but some of the perks are worth the money. The Privilege Plus members get a 24/7 assistance of a senior manager of accounts. Also, the detailed market analyses are provided to the privilege account holders. They also get to enjoy special promotions, and an iPhone or iPad with pre installed OneTwoTrade app for carrying out trades at all times. Not only that, they are also provided with a complimentary flight ticket to London, to have a special meeting arranged with the CEO of OneTwoTrade. We’ll continue our OneTwoTrade review with bonuses and returns.

Of Bonuses, Returns and payouts

The OneTwoTrade Option trader is eligible for a 100% match up bonus. As an OneTwoTrade trader, you can look out for returns ranging from 65% to 85% on your investment. Even out of that, the traders are eligible to get a rebate of up to 10% on the original amount that was invested. You can even refer your friends to this broker and each of you will get a $50 bonus in your account as soon as he or she starts trading.

Apart from these, there are also other features which make OneTwoTrade platform especially unique, such as:

  • Roll over: With this feature the traders can roll over their trades to actually the next time of expiry, as a premium. This feature is generally used when the initial prediction goes wrong, so that the length of the trade can be stretched.
  • Double up: By using this feature, one can actually mark another identical position in the market, which is more stable. This means you are increasing your investment to a position which has better chances of faring well.
  • 110% trade guarantee: This feature entitles the trader to a 110% money back guarantee if their initial 10 trades prove to be futile. Currently OneTwoTrade is the only broker in the market which is giving this kind of assurance to its traders.
  • The buying out feature: More commonly known as the buy me out feature, it is for those traders who want to liquidate their positions in the market, before the time of the expiry. This is the best feature when you want to cut on your losses.

Such a high number of possibilities to get some serious bonuses only show how much this broker wants to build a relationship with their clients. These are really some very fair deals and you won’t be disappointed if you give them a try. And now we’ll wrap up this OneTwoTrade review with some final words.

OneTwoTrade Review 2015 | Conclusion

All these features make OneTwoTrade unique, and worth a shot for all types of traders. You can count on an excellent support and a superb technology to make the best imaginable trading experience possible for you. Traders really do have a staggering amount of trading possibilities at their disposal, with very generous bonuses and high returns available to any successful trader. The number of assets is equally impressive, since you can choose from a range of stocks, commodities, indices and currencies to make your investment. There is even a trading robot available to you if you don’t have the time to conduct trades yourself. With this kind of futuristic feature, what more could you ask? To conclude this OneTwoTrade review, all of these facts make OneTwoTrade a great choice for your binary options trading broker and we strongly believe that you will not go wrong if you decide to open an account with them.


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