OneTwoTrade Review

OneTwoTrade Review

OneTwoTrade Review

OneTwoTrade is a binary options broker that enables its clients to trade options in a range of underlying assets including stocks, indices, currencies and commodities. They are a relatively new player – established in 2011 – but have steadily gained share to become one of the more prominent players in the market today.

OneTwoTrade Review | Assets & Option Formats

The OneTwoTrade platform offers coverage of a wide range of underlying assets. They cover all of the standard asset classes: stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. In aggregate they offer options contracts in some 350 underlying assets, which is on the far high side of what we’ve seen elsewhere.
As for formats, they offer plenty of variety. The available formats include standard binary options, long term options, 60 second options and one touch options.

OneTwoTrade earnings potential

OneTwoTrade Review | Potential

The payout of any given trade varies depending on the circumstances of the trade, but we saw payouts as high as 85%. I cross-checked the quotes provided by OneTwoTrade for a number of assets and found that they were consistent with a major financial data provider, so there is no rigging or monkey business going on here, as confirmed in OneTwoTrade Scam Inspection. If you bet in a certain direction and the market turns against you at the last minute (or even second), you can be confident that it was a genuine market swing (as opposed to something orchestrated by an unscrupulous platform operator).

OneTwoTrade Review | Trading Platform

The trading platform is pretty standard on the web. They offer a clutter-free user interface that expands/contracts nicely depending on the size of your screen. The value of a clutter-free interface should not be understated.
OneTwoTrade has also done a good job of making sure it’s OneTwoTrade App for mobile trading is working well – both the iOS and Android apps are great. While there is no dedicated app for tablets, we tested the web application on the iPad and found that the responsiveness and usability of the product to be very good. This user experience probably transfers nicely across to Android tablet devices.

Profitable win at OneTwoTrade platform

OneTwoTrade Review | Account Tiers And Deposits

OneTwoTrade offers 4 account tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP. The requirement for gaining access to an account tier is to make a deposit:
– Bronze accounts require a deposit of $200 to $1,000, and includes standard support.
– Silver accounts require a deposit of $1,001 to $4,000, and includes enhanced support.
– Gold accounts require a deposit of $4,001 to $5,000. Traders with this account are assigned a personal account manager and are given trade support.
– VIP accounts require a deposit of equal to or greater than $5,001. Very high bonuses are offered for deposits at this account level. Additionally, VIP traders are assigned a personal account manager who can provide expert trade execution assistance. These traders also receive individual-level tutoring and gain exposure to winning trading strategies.


OneTwoTrade Review | Trading Academy

OneTwoTrade trade offers what they call a ‘Trading Academy’ that serves as a set of educational tools for its clients. My understanding is that access to the Trading Academy is free to traders who make a deposit above a certain minimum threshold. The Trading Academy sessions that I was exposed to were helpful in explaining the key concepts of binary options trading and in outlining the main strategies that successful binary options traders pursue. For traders who are operating at the VIP level, traders are given the option to engage in personal one-on-one training sessions and to develop a unique Trading Academy curriculum that is tailored according to their needs.

OneTwoTrade trading academy

OneTwoTrade Review | Regulatory Status

As stated in this OneTwoTrade Review 2016 article, this broker is regulated by the LGA in Malta. This should be seen as a big positive for prospective OneTwoTrade clients because Malta, as a member state of the European Union, typically requires all companies that it regulates to adhere to strict risk management controls. In a domain where many of the players are unregulated, it’s good to see that OneTwoTrade has managed to cement its position as an officially-regulated service provider.

OneTwoTrade Review | Support

OneTwoTrade makes a distinction between sales and support, as all brokers should. The support team that I dealt with were extremely polite and helpful. They are able to support multiple languages – and this isn’t just on their website. No matter what your mother tongue, the chances are pretty good that at least one of their support team will be able to speak with you in a language that you are comfortable with. Among other languages, they offer support for French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

OneTwoTrade Review | VIP Treatment

VIP clients seem to be a pretty important part of OneTwoTrade’s business. They go out of their way to help VIP clients – defined as those traders who make deposits greater than or equal to $5,001 – get familiar with the platform and binary options trading in general. Moreover, they take the time to ensure that their clients are executing trades effectively, to the point that they are able to execute trades on a client’s behalf in special cases. For these reasons, OneTwoTrade stands out as a broker that is particularly adept at dealing with VIP clients.

OneTwoTrade Review | Bonus

OneTwoTrade is generous with deposits. They have in the past run a few 200% bonus offers, but the more typical bonus offer is in the order of 50-100%. Still, if you keep a close eye out you might be able to catch one of the extra special deals. They typically offer the largest bonuses to depositors who are looking to trade at the Gold and VIP level.

OneTwoTrade Review | Deposits And Withdrawal

OneTwoTrade is able to accept deposits from credit cards and wire transfers, among other fund transfer techniques. There is a limit to the amount that can be deposited via credit card – typically exceeds the maximum of most credit cards, anyway – so large deposits of $10,000 and up need to be made via wire.
Getting your winnings out of OneTwoTrade is straight-forward. OneTwoTrade Withdrawal can be made using a credit card of via wire transfer. There are some minor fees associated with bank wires and some processing fees associated with credit card withdrawals, but nothing that we would consider out of the ordinary.

OneTwoTrade Review | Anciliary Service

OneTwoTrade does a good job of keeping its clients in the loop regarding the latest market developments. They offer frequent market updates on their website ( I spent some time perusing the content on both sites and there seems to be a lot of helpful information there for traders.

OneTwoTrade Review | Bottom Line

OneTwoTrade are professional and good to deal with, and the technology and tools that they provide to their clients are top notch. If you ask me, these guys are one of the leading binary options brokers in the market today. Whether they will emerge to become a top 3 player is yet to be seen but, based on my experience with them, I wouldn’t rule that scenario out.

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