Is OneTwoTrade Scam Broker?

OneTwoTrade Scam Inspection

OneTwoTrade Scam Inspection

OneTwoTrade is a relatively new player in the binary options market. As with all brokers in the binary options industry, the rise of OneTwoTrade has been greeted with a mixture of excitement and curiosity. Before signing up with a broker, one of the key questions that prospective clients need to ask themselves is whether or not the broker they are interested in is running a legitimate operation.
Much of the inbound interest has received from people who are interested in OneTwoTrade relates to the following question: Is OneTwoTrade scam broker? Given the volume of inquiries we have received, we took it upon ourselves to conduct some in-depth OneTwoTrade scam research into the company.

OneTwoTrade Scam Inspection | Approach

Our research within OneTwoTrade Scam Inspection was undertaken on two main fronts. First, one team of our researchers posed as typical retail investors who were interested in trading with OneTwoTrade. These researchers went ahead and made deposits, and ran some trades, for the purpose of gathering intelligence regarding the trustworthiness and reliability of the company.
The second component of our research involved discussing the company with a group of real world customers who had already experienced dealing with OneTwoTrade. The objective of this research component was to ascertain the extent to which OneTwoTrade is reliable with respect to its withdrawal policies and procedures. We have put together a report about the general characteristics of this broker which can be found if you go to our OneTwoTrade Review 2017 and see what you can expect from them.

OneTwoTrade earnings potential

OneTwoTrade OneTouch

OneTwoTrade Scam Inspection | Deposit

Our hands on experience with OneTwoTrade was nothing but positive. Our researchers were able to deposit funds quickly and then execute a series of trades – some of which were successful, some of which were not successful – using their trading platform. You can read the complete review in our OneTwoTrade Minimum Deposit article and here we will just give you some basic guidelines.
First of all, you do not need to make a deposit in order to make an account with this broker. This process is completely free and very quick and you can read more about it if you go to OneTwoTrade Login article. You will, however, need to deposit some money before you start trading which you can do in three different currencies – GBP, USD and EUR. No matter which currency you choose the minimum deposit stays the same and amounts to 250. Maximum deposit is set at 5000, but you can always talk to your account manager who can allow you to deposit more.


There a couple of nice options when it comes to depositing money, as well. You can choose between bank wires, credit or debit cards (Visa and MasterCard) or e-wallets such as Neteller or Moneybookers. As you can see, the choice is reasonably flexible and you should be able to find a method that suits you quite easily. For any questions regarding this process, the support team is at your full disposal, so we can only deny any OneTwoTrade scam insinuations regarding depositing. OneTwoTrade Scam Test 2017 is our best proof

OneTwoTrade Scam Inspection | Trading platform

The trading platform is really well made and offers a whole lot of options to the traders who use it. There are long term options, short term options, classic binary options, one touch options and pairs for you to choose. But the trading methods are not the only group of choices you have because OneTwoTrade has over 120 tradable assets – currencies, commodities, stocks, indices, gold, oil… You name it and it’s there. The return of your investments can be as high as 85% which makes this broker one of the best in the industry in this aspect.
It should also be said that this platform is a SpotOption platform, which means that it uses the very latest and best technology available. In fact, SpotOption provides an overwhelming majority of top brokers with their platform, so you can be absolutely sure that this one is up to the challenge and will provide you with a great trading experience. OneTwoTrade also uses SSL encryption procedures to protect all of your personal data, passwords and bank account information. This, again, is some very sophisticated technology and you can be sure that you won’t have any problems, so there is really no reason for any OneTwoTrade scam rumours.
An interesting trading feature this trading platform offers is the Botomatics Auto Trading Software, a robot which can do all your trades for you. If you don’t have the time or can’t access your account at any particular moment, this program can do everything for you based on complex algorithms which serve to mimic your trading habits as closely as possible. Click on the link provided and read more about this interesting subject, only offered by the very best and the most efficient platforms.

Profitable win at OneTwoTrade platform

OneTwoTrade Profitable Win

OneTwoTrade Scam Inspection | Withdrawal

After generating a profit, the researchers then went about seeking a withdrawal of the funds from their OneTwoTrade accounts. OneTwoTrade withdrawal process was smooth and it complied with all of OneTwoTrade withdrawal terms without fault. Withdrawal process promptly provided our researchers with a refund (via wire transfers) into their bank accounts. We were encouraged by these results, but we wanted to dig further and learn about the experience of other traders who had dealt with OneTwoTrade withdrawal process.
It should be said that a withdrawal carries a 50 USD/EUR/GBP or 1% fee, whichever turns out to be greater. Initially, the maximum amount you can withdraw in one action is $5000, but this can very easily be increased if you talk to your account manager. Withdrawals can also be cancelled if you suddenly change your mind, but you will have to be quick about it because once the funds have been debited from your account, the broker cannot react anymore. You can read more about the process itself in our OneTwoTrade Withdrawal review, and we can proclaim OneTwoTrade scam comments about withdrawal as absolutely false.

OneTwoTrade Scam Inspection | Feedback

Our discussions with traders who have in the past dealt with OneTwoTrade yielded similarly positive results. The overwhelming majority of the people we interviewed were content with the OneTwoTrade withdrawal procedures. A minority of the people we interviewed expressed a desire for a higher number of free withdrawals per month, but overall OneTwoTrade’s client base seems to be fully content with the transparency and reliability of OneTwoTrade withdrawal process.
Support team plays a huge role in determining the attitude of traders towards a particular broker and the customer support team of OneTwoTrade can only be judged as excellent. These are some very eloquent and extremely well educated people who will do their absolute best to help you as quickly as they can, so OneTwoTrade scam is really a lie. The clients appreciate this greatly and a lot of them highlighted this very trait while we were talking to them. Jean from France, for example, said that inefficient support team was the reason he left his last broker and that he is absolutely thrilled with the team that works here. “Finally, a group of people who take this job seriously. When I see how professional they are, I’m much more relaxed”, he said. Catherine from Oxford, England had a similar stance toward this company because, as she said, “everything flows naturally and there are no delays in transactions or trading”. We can therefore conclude that the traders appreciate effort invested in creating this binary options broker and are happy to use it on regular basis. Its big number of trading possibilities and a competent support team are the main reasons for that, so OneTwoTrade scam facts are out of the option.

OneTwoTrade Scam Inspection | Conclusion

Based on our in-depth research, which involved both hands-on dealings with OneTwoTrade and a series of interviews with OneTwoTrade clients, we can conclude that OneTwoTrade scam rumours are not true, as this is a reliable broker. Traders who are interested in trading binary options should seriously consider this broker because not all brokers hold themselves to the same high standard of transparency and reliability. From depositing to withdrawing your profits, everything goes very smoothly thanks to the latest technology used to create and maintain this platform. Your safety is also guaranteed, so you can focus on your trading experience and not think about anything else – OneTwoTrade will always have your back.
It is also worth noting that OneTwoTrade provides its clients with a range of training and educational resources as means for ensuring that its clients have the best possible chance of succeeding in the binary options market. Tutorials, lessons and daily analyses await you in the educational section of the website, only proving our OneTwoTrade scam inspection conclusions. Even if you are an experienced trader, you should definitely check it out because there you can find some more advance information as well, and besides, why not use the opportunity to further increase your chance for profit. To learn more about trading binary options with OneTwoTrade you just have to open free account and you will be soon after contacted by experienced and skilled staff of OneTwoTrade. You won’t regret it.


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