OneTwoTrade vs. Anyoption

OneTwoTrade vs Anyoption Broker Comparison

OneTwoTrade vs Anyoption

With the variety of binary options brokers out there, finding the right broker for your own unique needs is not an easy task. Even though we already provide a variety of broker reviews for your benefit, some of our loyal readers expressed an interest in seeing more side-by-side broker comparisons. This week we’re doing a deep-dive analysis to compare the relative strengths of two of the better-known brokers in the industry today: OneTwoTrade and Anyoption.

OneTwoTrade vs. Anyoption | History

Both brokers are relatively long-established in the context of the binary options industry. We know that OneTwoTrade was founded in 2011 and we believe that Anyoption was founded in 2008. Three years of difference is not that significant, but we still think Anyoption should be recognized as having been established earlier than OneTwoTrade, if only because that means their management team has had a slightly longer time to get familiar with the binary options landscape. So on this measure we conclude that Anyoption is ahead of the other broker.

Winner: Anyoption

OneTwoTrade Platform vs. Anyoption Platform

Both brokers have invested heavily in the development of their web-based trading platforms. Both platforms provide an intuitive, stable and speedy trading experience. As explained in this OneTwoTrade Review 2016, this broker’s platform is simple and lacking in clutter, while Anyoption’s user interface is a bit more complex. But in terms of functionality, both manage to offer all of the main features that binary options traders need. On the mobile side, they have both developed sophisticated mobile applications for the iOS and Anrdoid platforms. In our testing we could only conclude that both of these brokers have done a great job developing their respective platforms.

Winner: It’s a draw

Profitable win at OneTwoTrade platform

OneTwoTrade Profitable Win

OneTwoTrade vs. Anyoption | Assets

Things get a little more interesting when it comes to assets. Although they both offer a variety of assets across stocks, indices, currencies and commodities, OneTwoTrade has managed to offer a much wider variety. Anyoption has around 150 assets available for trading, whereas the other broker offers a massive list of 350 assets. Of course, not every trader needs access to such a wide variety of assets, but it’s great to know that the variety is there. For example, if you want to trade corn or coffee options, Anyoption cannot support these. Due to the greater variety, OneTwoTrade comes out on top with respect to assets.

Winner: OneTwoTrade

OneTwoTrade Withdrawal vs. Anyoption Withdrawal

Both brokers have done a good job at offering a variety of payment methods to traders. Both brokers can support all of the standard payment methods – including wire transfers and credit/debit cards – as well as some of the less common payment methods – including Skrill and Webmoney. Interestingly, Anyoption seems to offer a slightly wider variety of country-specific payment methods, such as Giropay (Germany) and Moneta.RU (Russia). So, at the margins, we conclude that Anyoption is slightly ahead with respect to payment options.

Winner: Anyoption

OneTwoTrade Training vs. Anyoption Training Center

The education offerings of different brokers vary widely. On the one hand, it’s great to see that brokers are now emphasizing education in order to give their clients the best chance of succeeding at binary options trading. But, on the other hand, not all education offering are equal. Both OneTwoTrade and Anyoption offer a variety of online educational resources – training guides, eBooks, articles and video tutorials. But OneTwoTrade sets itself apart by emphasizing the importance of its one-on-one trading seminars. Given the advantages of custom tuition, we conclude that OneTwoTrade is ahead of Anyoption with respect to its education offerings.

Winner: OneTwoTrade

OneTwoTrade Promotions vs. Anyoption Promotions

It is no secret the different binary options brokers run different styles of promotional campaigns. We think promotions are something that new traders should pay careful attention to because there are some great deals to be had. While Anyoption is typically willing to offer sign-up bonuses in the order of 20-100% of deposits, we found several examples of the other company offering up to 200% bonuses on deposits. Now let’s be clear: a 200% bonus is not something that the broker offers all of the time, but it is certainly something that makes the company stand out with respect to promotional campaigns. So we can’t help but conclude that OneTwoTrade is ahead on this front.

Winner: OneTwoTrade

OneTwoTrade vs. Anyoption | Conclusion

People who are interested in binary options trading are encouraged to do thorough research before deciding to sign up to a particular broker. In this analysis we looked closely at the relative strengths of these two brokers. Both brokers are standout performers but, when tallying up the scores, we found that OneTwoTrade is the overall winner of this head-to-head broker comparison: it won 3 out of 5, Anyoption won 2 out of 5, the brokers came out equal on the trading platform issue.

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