Opteck Complaints

Opteck Complaints

Opteck Complaints

Since its establishment in early 2011, Opteck.com has been considered as one of the top trustworthy online binary options trading service providers. Thanks to its professional trading tools and customized approach towards its online teaching methods, traders are able to enjoy its in-house trading platform technology, enabling them to have access to more than 100 assets.

Because of the simplicity of use, user-friendly interface and up-to-the minute market charts, it is easy and simple to use and also fully compatible with most web-browsers. In addition, Opteck features a mobile app. for both Android and iOS devices that fully adopts its web-based trading platform technology.

Even though it has been in business only for 4 years, the company is already well established within the binary options industry. It is owned and operated by Central Spot trading Ltd. Opteck’s management team was built by 4 industry veterans with many years of experience in the field of financial services and online trading.

They are fully committed to the success of the brand and tend to treat any complaint in the most serious manner. Thanks to their vast knowledge and expertise in these fields, they fully understand the significance of customer’s needs and wants, as well as the satisfaction they can achieve from solving any type of Opteck complaints that might surface.

Opteck Complaints | Customer Service and Support

When choosing to trade with Opteck.com, one can be rest assured that customer service and support is the first and foremost priority and is equivalent to the safety and security of trader’s funds within their accounts. It is not a surprise that this broker offers multi-lingual services in every aspect of their business, from account managers all the way to customer support, as we have stated in our Opteck Review 2016.

Thanks to this service feature, each and every complaint is being handled and personally cared for by the most suitable and professionally trained individual. That’s exactly why the customer is the most important entity for Opteck.com.

Opteck Trading Platform

Opteck Trading Platform

Opteck Complaints | Regulation

Despite the fact that Opteck.com is not yet considered as a regulated broker, it is in the process of obtaining a CySEC regulation license that will enable complete supervision over its entire operation. Especially because of this delicate situation, all the issue of handling Opteck complaints in a professional manner is very important to them. As stated in our Opteck Scam Test 2016, this broker is completely safe and secure, so it really is perfectly eligible to trade with.

This doesn’t take away anything from the importance they give to the customer, but on the contrary, enhances the emphasis on his significance to the business. One shouldn’t forget that a happy customer is also a happy trader and therefore, the credibility of this broker directly relates to the approach it uses when addressing Opteck complaints.

Opteck Regulation

Opteck Regulation

Opteck Complaints | Building Trust

Each and every trader that registers with Opteck.com is immediately assigned with a personal account manager in his own respected language that welcomes him to the company, goes over all the platform has to offer him in terms of trading tools, personal trading assistance, online educational materials and additional support with any questions he might have.

This is intended to provide a distinguished and unforgettable experience for the trader. In addition to that, each and every account manager is responsible for handling the account verification process, where the user’s personal details are first send in order to verify the authenticity of the account holder. During this entire process, trust relationship is starting to be built. That you can rely on them to provide you with top-level service is made clear in our Opteck Scam Test 2016.

If, from some reason, the trader has a complaint about something that relates to the process, or in the event that the client is not fully satisfied with the service, banking procedures or platform, he should first contact his account manager to try and resolve this matter. In case the complaint can’t be successfully handled by the account manager, it is then passed to the compliance department.

In this stage, a personal representative is issued with the complaint after receiving all related materials from the personal account manager. This way, customer complaints can be handled and resolved with ease, efficiency and with the maximum successful outcome possible.



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