Opteck Scam Test 2015

Opteck Scam Inspection

Opteck Scam Inspection

Anyone who is planning to start trading online binary options must always remember that in this highly competitive industry, not all brokers are fully legit. This means that some of the brokers might not yet have a license or a regulation (usually goes together), while others can’t be trusted due to certain aspects of their offer. There are multiple factors to take under consideration prior to making your decision to register and make a deposit with a binary options broker.

Choosing a broker is the same as choosing a bank: it has to be trustworthy, reputable and efficient in order to ensure safety and security at any given time, especially when it has to do with your own personal funds. Opteck adheres to extremely strict regulations in order to provide safe and secure trading environment at any given time.

Our team of experts has decided to run a very thorough examination of numerous brokers and their trading platforms, including Opteck. This broker has already gained a tremendous reputation as being one of the most trustworthy brokers in the industry during the last couple of years. Opteck is also well-known for its proprietary in-house trading platform.

Opteck Platfrom Multi View

Opteck Platfrom Multi View

The entire process, from opening an account, to making a withdrawal, is done solely through their website. Owned and operated by Central Spot Trading, you will be able to sign-up for your trading account with a fully regulated CySEC broker. By doing so, you are actually protecting yourself from scammers, cheaters and thieves who look for easy online prey.

This also assures that you will be getting your withdrawals on time and in a respectful manner. Opening an account and trading with a CySEC regulated broker is the best, safest and secured choice when choosing a binary options broker like Opteck.

We also have to state that all of the data you share with the broker while trading on their website will be heavily encrypted by a reliable SSL system. As a matter of fact, they have a Comodo SSL certificate to prove that. This means that you don’t have to worry about any uninvited guest accessing your profile or anything like that. Security is really top-notch here.


In order to start our trading experience, we had to make an Opteck Minimum Deposit amount of 250 $/€/£. What we noticed immediately was the impressive number of choices you have, all internationally recognized and proven companies. However, this is only for a real account. If you want to practice your trades, you can do so without depositing any amount. You will also get a $10,000 demo account as soon as you fill in your details. We almost immediately received an e-mail confirmation containing a very nice welcome message from the broker inviting us to start practicing our trading skills on its platform.

We also received a phone call from our dedicated account manager, which was assigned to us the moment we made the deposit. Our account manager explained to us anything and everything we wanted to know about the services that Opteck is providing us with, including detailed instructions about how to place trades on the platform, as well as recommending us with multiple video tutorials. This truly proves that Opteck scam rumours are out of the question, as we have found absolutely zero Opteck Complaints regarding this aspect.

We also received a PDF version of an online trading guide (e-Book). We kept on trading, made some really nice profits and were finally able to withdraw the funds with no difficulties at all. All we did was to e-mail our request to our account manager and from there to the Opteck Customer Support department. The funds we had requested to withdraw showed up in our bank account within 3-5 business days, which is quite standard in this industry.


One of the most important aspects that have to be properly checked prior to opening a trading account with any broker has to be broker online reviews. Positive clients’ feedback on brokers and in different binary options forums can definitely assist with the level of trust people tend to have for a certain broker. This view might also provide hints about scammers and cheaters. The overall vibe in the online discussion about Opteck was extremely positive, leaving no room for any Opteck scam comments, as we have also concluded in out extensive Opteck Review 2017.

Almost all of the client reviews we have gone through were warm, encouraging and welcoming while only a few were negative. Most of the “bad” comments we encountered had to do with inexperienced traders who were disappointed that they weren’t able to make the amount of money they have anticipated to. Because Opteck takes pride in its award-winning customer support services, most of the issues that were addressed by clients were taken care of beforehand. What this means is that everything was fully discussed and resolved within a few minutes of contacting this broker’s support team.

Something that was also praised was the amount of educational materials you get here. And rightly so. Not only do you have access to a vast collection of e-books, but there are also videos explaining all the most important trading terms and topics. But more importantly, you also have the option of taking various webinars and even private sessions with professional traders. There’s also a glossary and a FAQ section there, so you’re pretty much covered no matter how you look at it. This just goes to show how far the company is willing to go to help you prepare for investing on the market. Additionally, it is also a great proof of Opteck’s legitimacy because nobody could convince so many trading experts to put their reputation on the line and lie. Once again, no signs of an Opteck scam can be found.

Opteck Contact

Opteck Contact


Opteck is surely one of the better brokers we have encountered in our scam inspections. They are far from being considered as scammers or cheaters. We were impressed by the level of professionalism their dedicated customer support team has given to us each and every time we actually contact them.

This was a true demonstration of authenticity and seriousness for the quality of their overall services. Opteck has been in business for more than 4 years now and continues to strive for excellence in all of their existing features. Their website enables both beginner and advanced level traders to experience professional trading services at their best, so we can say this Opteck scam inspection found no traces of Opteck scam behaviour.

Their “Contact Us” page includes a list of customer support e-mails in different countries that customers can address in case of any problem. Opteck scam test finally concludes that Opteck evidently invests a lot in providing the highest level of security for traders, with strict procedures made to create safer and more secure trading environment for all. So, go ahead and open an account with them – there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.


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