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Founded in 2014, Option FM was an instant hit on the market. Great trading platform, numerous transfer methods, high security measures and many other interesting features attracted all types of traders and allowed the broker to develop extremely quickly. However, this would not be possible without Option FM customer support, a group of trading experts dedicated to providing you with the best possible trading experience. They are the ones who make sure everything functions perfectly here and your best source of useful information. Since they have been in the business for just over two years now, we decided that it’s time to see how capable these people really are. Read on and see what we found out.

Option FM Customer Support | Contacts

There are several ways to contact Option FM customer support. First, there are three e-mail addresses, for customer service, software support and compliance issues, respectively. Then there are the telephone numbers, seven of them to be exact, which cover the UK, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Germany, France and Australia. There is also a live chat application embedded in the website, so you can instantly contact a support team member and ask for help, advice or even make an Option FM Complaint (though we seriously doubt you’ll have a reason to be dissatisfied). What is particularly impressive and what sets this broker apart from its competition is the fact that you can talk directly to the company’s management in case of an emergency. We haven’t seen this option anywhere else and it’s a great demonstration how much this broker cares for its clients. But we have more to tell you, so read on.

Option FM Customer Support | Great service

If for some reason you cannot contact Option FM customer support directly, don’t worry. Even without them being present, you can still find the answers you need. In the lower right corner of your screen there will always be a small window for you to enter your question and if the broker’s database contains the answer, it will immediately be displayed to you. Great feature, but we don’t think you’ll ever need it because Option FM’s new website is extremely simple to navigate and even if you need some help, Option FM customer support can explain everything to you right down to the tiniest detail. These people are very friendly and patient, but more importantly they are extremely knowledgeable and well trained, so you can always count on them to help you. We talked to them on several occasions and got nothing but the best possible service. No doubt you can expect the same thing because this is one of the safest brokers out there, as seen in our Option FM Scam Test 2016.

Option FM Trading Platform Classic

Option FM Trading Platform Classic

Option FM Customer Support | Conclusion

So there you have it – people behind Option FM customer support are exactly what you need to feel safe while conducting your trades on this broker’s platform. They will help you and explain everything to you whenever you need it, so you can completely focus on extracting profit from your investments. Open an account and see for yourself how high the level of service here actually is.


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Author: Ben Prescott

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