Option FM Scam Test 2016

Option FM entered the market two years ago, so we think we can safely say that they are no longer a rookie in the binary options industry. The beginning is always the hardest period for new brokers because this is when they have to struggle the most to stay afloat and build a solid reputation. This stage is now behind Option FM, so it seems reasonable to take a look at what came out of it. A lot of traders tend to only look for experienced brokers, but we are here to show you that Option FM can also be trusted. Our team of trading experts has examined all major features of this broker’s offer and we are about to show you the results. Read on!

Option FM Scam Test 2016 | Trading platform

The first step of our Option FM Scam Test 2016 will be to examine the broker’s trading platform. This is what interests traders the most, so it seems reasonable to explore it first. Option FM Trading Platform has more than enough stocks, currencies, commodities and indices and traders should be able to easily find a suitable investment target, no matter what their preferences are. There are also three trading modes available: Binary Options, Long Term and Sixty Seconds. The latter allows you to set your asset’s expiry time to anywhere between 30 and 300 seconds, so we can say that its name is a bit misleading, but as soon as you click on it you will see that all functions perfectly well. 

The reason for that is the fact that this platform is based on software provided by SpotOption, currently one of the world’s best trading software providers. Because of this, you can count on a great trading experience every time you log in and no technical issues will ever get in your way. Now that this topic is out of our way, we can continue with Option FM Scam Test 2016, so stay with us.

Option FM 60 Seconds

Option FM 60 Seconds

Option FM Scam Test 2016 | Transfer methods

Money transfers’ safety is probably the one thing every trader wants to see confirmed before they open their account with a broker. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your hard-earned money to end up in the wrong hands, so examining these processes is a must in our Option FM Scam Test 2016. The broker accepts credit and debit cards, wire transfers, as well as several alternative payment methods (their website lists all of them), with absolutely no Option FM Withdrawal fees, whatsoever and the same can be said for Option FM Minimum Deposit. The level of security here is exceptionally high, much higher than usual in this industry because, apart from the usual SSL encryption, there are several very important security features. First, we must say that this broker is verified by Visa and uses MasterCard SecureCode to protect all your credit/debit card transactions. In addition, the broker is also fully PCI compliant, meaning it never holds on to your credit card information and that it adheres to some very strict security rules. In short, your money and all your personal and financial information will be perfectly safe while you transfer your funds to and from your trading account, so we can continue with Option FM Scam Test 2016.

Option FM Deposit Page

Option FM Deposit Page

Option FM Scam Test 2016 | Support

Customer support can often immediately tell you whether a broker is a scam or not. You can determine brokers’ reliability just by the speed and quality of their support teams. So as a part of this Option FM Scam Test 2016, we decided to test people who work as this broker’s support team and we are happy to say that the results are excellent. They can be reached via e-mail, phone (seven different countries are covered) and live chat application, but you can even contact the management directly in the event of an emergency.

No matter which option you choose, the response will be quick and detailed, but you will never be scratching your head as you try to figure out what the support crew is trying to say. It’s all very simple and the team is very well trained for all kinds of situations, so you always have somebody to talk to if you have any problems when it comes to binary options trading. Once again, you are very well taken care of while on this broker’s website and you can rest assured you will have everything you need here. We honestly believe there are no valid reasons for OptionFM Complaints. There is just one more thing Option FM Scam Test 2016 has to mention, so stay with us only a little more.

Option FM Scam Test 2016 | Fully regulated

If you still have any doubts about the security measures protecting you while trading on Option FM’s website, we have to mention that this broker is fully regulated by IFSC Belize – we couldn’t call this Option FM Scam Test 2016 serious without it. This means that the broker is directly responsible to this independent agency and that it has to abide by its rules. It also means that its activities are constantly being monitored in order to make sure no scams ever take place. Finding a regulated broker is one of the most important things traders can do to secure a safe trading environment for themselves, so the fact that Option FM is fully regulated means a lot. We have spent a lot of time trading with this broker and not once have we ever witnessed any security failures. Therefore, we can safely say that Option FM is as safe as binary options brokers get.

Option FM Scam Test 2016 | Conclusion

As this Option FM Scam Test 2016 has shown, all features of this broker’s offer are perfectly safe and have traders’ best interests in mind. From the great and reliable trading platform, all the way to the multiple layers of protection applied to every single money transfer, there are many reasons why you can be sure no harm can come to you while trading with this broker. On top of all that, the broker is also regulated by IFSC Belize, meaning that it’s constantly checked for inconsistencies and always has to maintain its service on the highest level. If you’re looking for a reliable broker, you’ve just found one. Open an account here and you will be enjoying your trades without a care in the world. 

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Author: Ben Prescott

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