Option888 Review

Option888.com Broker Review

Option888 Broker Review

Options trading is gaining popularity quickly thanks to scores of new companies cropping up offering online trading access for small-time investors. Not all these companies are created equal, however, Option888 is one of the absolute best, winning top marks in several different categories. This season, Option888 is a proud sponsor of FC Bologna, football club playing in Italian Serie A.

Option888 Review | Trading Platform

One of Option888’s biggest strength is its user interface. Many trading platforms are complex and clunky, practically requiring a degree in computer science and a career in programming just to use for daily trading. Option888’s interface, however, is fluid and intuitive. It takes only a few moments to learn the ins and outs of the system and begin trading. With only a bit more experience, users can start applying more complex functions to automate trades and earn more money. You’ll never lose money by accidentally committing to or canceling a trade with Option888.

Option888 Review | Deposit & Withdrawal Options

One of traders’ biggest complaints with many platforms is the time lag between requesting a deposit or withdrawal and actually accessing the money. Withdrawal of earnings from some platforms can require up to two weeks of waiting time. Option888 allows users to withdrawal by credit card transfer, wire transfer, or paper check. That means you can get access to your funds much more quickly than is possible with platforms that only pay out with paper checks.

The same system allows Option888 to process deposits quickly. You can open an account with a debit or credit card and start trading almost immediately. The minimum trade value is only $10, so you can experiment with the system to see if you like it before committing any serious money.

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Option888 Review | Customer Support

Option888’s customer support is a major perk. A lot of trading platforms expect you to troubleshoot on your own. That can be incredibly frustrating while you’re watching a great deal tick away just because you can’t figure out how to solve a simple problem. With Option888, you have access to a vast library of customer service FAQs plus round-the-clock access to a help line. That ensures users never miss out because of technical problems or glitches. Even better, customer support is available in several different languages. As a global company, Option888 is committed to making sure its customers get the best service possible regardless of language skills.

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Option888 Review | Bonuses

If you are a new trader, there are very good incentives for depositing at Options888, too. You can earn back up to 100 percent of your initial deposit in bonuses up to a maximum of $888. The minimum deposit is only $250, so anyone can get started with this innovative new platform. Bonuses also make it possible to earn a tremendous percentage on your initial investment if you play your cards right.

Option888 Review | In Brief

There are a lot of options trading platforms out there, and they all tend to promote the same basic message. It can be difficult for customers to sort through all that misleading information. If you’re looking for a platform with a friendly user interface, solid customer support, and a strong incentive program, however, it’s hard to do better than Option888. Particularly impressive is the company’s commitment to speedy financial processing. If you’re looking to get into the trading game, this is the company you want to work with.

Option888 Review | Website Preview

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