OptionBit Review 2015

OptionBit Broker Review

OptionBit Review

OptionBit rests among the leading Binary Option brokers in the world. It is a good platform for both new as well as the seasoned traders to explore. It provides with state of the art tools and features which are both easy to use and on par with the industry standard technology. For trading on this platform, you will not necessarily need to have a trading experience. You can begin with this platform even if you are completely new at it and haven’t traded before in your life. For your educational purposes, there are ample tools and tutorials provided on this platform. If on the other hand, you are a seasoned trader, then you will find all the more features to deal with on this platform. These features will provide you with an added edge, plus with their 50% start up bonus, they give you a huge pat on the back for getting started.

OptionBit Review | So what’s new on this platform?

Several new trading options and services have been launched on this platform.  Once traders are able to make the OptionBit Login, they get to utilize various options like 60 seconds and one touch features which make the trading more flexible and easy to use on this platform. But what makes OptionBit stand apart is their state of the art Algobit platform.  Even though their primary platform is Tradologic, they have also introduced the Algobit platform. Most other brokers have only Tradologic or SpotOption, but Algobit platform is quite uncommon and unique. It is also one of the fastest platforms with its high end features.  In fact, OptionBit is the very first broker to have launched this platform. Algobit is an instant signal provider which gives us faster and smoother trading experience.

Apart from this, their trading platform also includes many new features like a “My Trades” box on your page, when you login. This will indicate that those trades are open.

OptionBit Turbo Trading

OptionBit Review | What types of trading do they offer?

There are many types of trades which can be carried out here; in fact, there are enough trading types available here for changing your strategy at any moment. Many traders find this hard to come by when trading with other brokers. If for some reason the initial strategy does not work, traders do not find ample options for the platform to change their strategy, and thus incur losses by changing the broker. We have to say that when we carried out our OptionBit Scam Test, we actually want to concur that OptionBit deserves a special mention, as it makes the task much easier for the trader.

Here you will find auto trader, classic trading and most other popular trading types. All aspects of the trading are covered here and most traders will benefit from it hugely. However, this does mean that one must invest a little more time in understanding the different types of trading options on this platform. But once you get to know all the aspects of the various trading types, you would benefit hugely from trading this platform. Having trading options which are so wide in diversity, is a huge advantage for the long run.

OptionBit Homepage

OptionBit Review | The Assets and the payout

The selection of a number of various assets includes stocks, commodities, major indices as well as currencies. They have covered all aspects of the assets for trading. Having a wide range of assets provides more options for the traders to trade in, which is why they have the flexibility to mould their strategies to best suit them.

Some of the assets of this broker include:

  • Commodities: Coffee, Copper, Crude, Sliver, Gold, Sugar
  • Indices: FTSE Future, CAC Future, NASDAQ 100, Dow Jones
  • Stocks: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Vodafone, Nike, Boeing
  • Bonds: BUND

As you can see, this wide range of assets selection puts them ahead of all other binary options brokers. Similarly, the payout of this broker is also above average. While most brokers may offer up to 91% returns and not more than that, OptionBit offers to give you a maximum return of 400%. The average payout here is also high by industry standards. Plus the OptionBit Demo Account that is already in place is also a cherry on top for all traders, since they get to test out their strategies without using their real money to get a hang of the actual trading.

OptionBit Ebook

OptionBit Review | Bonuses, Withdrawals and Customer support

Promotional offers are the best way to earn more from your broker. At OptionBit you will get a 30% initial bonus upon getting started.  This is a small bonus, but many traders who have been trading for a long time will agree that getting a small bonus is beneficial in the long run. This is because the more the bonuses, the higher trade volume you will have to reach to withdraw your money. This is why keeping the bonus lower, the broker is actually making it easier for the trader to withdraw that bonus amount – and giving them a fair chance at earning more from their winnings.

Of course, as you invest in higher accounts, your bonuses will increase up to 50% and more, but then you will have a larger trade volume already. This makes the withdrawals super easy. On this platform, you will be surprised to find that there are absolutely no hassles when it comes to withdrawals. However, what impresses us more about the entire fund management account portfolio in this platform is the number of options available to us for withdrawing. Funds can be withdrawn not only via credit cards, but also via e-wallets and actually multiple other credit card facilities.

Now even with the OptionBit Withdrawal process being simple, if there are any queries, you can always contact their customer support. The customer support is reliable and provides unmatched services. No wonder they are able to cater to a large trader group from all over the world. They have multilingual technical support and customer services. So they can always assist you no matter where from you belong.

OptionBit Withdrawal

OptionBit Review | Conclusion

We have also noticed that this platform provides the “Extend or lock” feature, which enables the traders to extend or profit from their trade on the spot. They are making some great improvements to their already good platform. For now, we have absolutely no doubt about recommending OptionBit to all you traders.

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Author: Mark Watson

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