Are there any OptionFair Complaints?

OptionFair Complaints

OptionFair Complaints

OptionFair is an international online broker that offers a choice of binary options and simplified forex trading through a single high tech trading platform. The site has grown rapidly in the last few years and has developed a strong reputation for offering high returns on investment and exciting promotions. They also claim to offer one of the highest levels of customer service and report a high level of customer satisfaction.

Some binary options sites invest strongly in presenting an attractive and dynamic image. They put a lot of time into creating a professional looking website and present potential traders with a range of lucrative offers and promises of life changing profits. The reality is often very different and unwary investors quickly encounter all kinds of problems. We’ll look at these problems in more detail and see how OptionFair scores for honesty, efficiency and general service standards. We’ll also examine OptionFair licensing status and OptionFair complaints procedures.

OptionFair Complaints | Regulation

OptionFair is a regulated broker. It is licensed and regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) the regulation is recognised across the EU. Everything OptionFair does is subject to strict legal oversight; this eliminates the majority of potential problems before they even occur. Traders who have deposited funds with unregulated brokers have often complained about difficulties and delays withdrawing their money, misleading adverts, dishonest promotions and ‘sales advisors’ who give them bad advice. OptionFair’s guarantee that they provide honest brokerage, segregated deposit accounts, fast OptionFair Withdrawal procedure and appropriate advertising standards can be relied on. If they did break any of these rules they could be liable to severe financial penalties from CySEC – and would lose their good reputation.

OptionFair Forex High Yield Trading Platform

OptionFair Complaints | Two Courses of Complaint

Any OptionFair trader who isn’t satisfied with the service that they received has two courses of complaint; in the first instance they can contact OptionFair live support or their account manager and attempt to resolve the problem. As a last resort they can refer a complaint to CySEC, although we’re not currently aware of this ever happening. We tried out OptionFair’s live support and found them impressive. The customer care team dealt with our questions promptly. There is genuine multi-lingual support and we didn’t experience any of the communication problems that we had with some other brokers. The people we spoke to were genuinely helpful and positive – and most importantly – had a thorough knowledge of the OptionFair site and systems. We came away with the impression that if we’d had a genuine OptionFair complaint it would have been dealt with quickly and efficiently. This is borne out by the comments we’ve seen on online forums and review sites.

OptionFair Complaints | Clean Complaint Record

The majority of OptionFair traders seem to be satisfied with the service they receive from OptionFair and continue to invest with the site. We have not heard of any major OptionFair complaints or disputes and it seems likely that any small issues that arise are dealt with quickly and fairly by OptionFair’s account managers. This is clearly a site that is looking for long term partnerships with its traders and works hard to keep them happy.

OptionFair® is operated by B.O. TradeFinancials Ltd a company located in the Republic of Cyprus and licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission: License Number 216/13

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