OptionsXO Complaints

OptionsXO Complaints

OptionsXO Complaints

OptionsXO are blowing up. This relatively new binary options brand (Founded in 2012) has become the talk of the town recently, with rumors of massive growth rates and customer satisfaction that is unparalleled in the industry.

That is why it was important for us to understand what all the buzz is about, and how OptionsXO manages to keep their traders so satisfied in an industry not exactly known for its customer service. Here’s what we found.

OptionsXO Complaints | Regulation

There is a saying in the binary options industry – “Only thing better for a trader than a regulated brand, is a brand looking to get regulated”. Brands are looked at with a magnifying glass during the regulation process, which pushes them to be even more transparent and adherent to regulation laws than an already regulated broker.  

OptionsXO is at that exact stage – The brand is currently appealing for both Belize and CySec regulation, which means the brand has zero tolerance for any behavior which is less than squeaky-clean.

This situation gives traders a huge boost of confidence when joining OptionsXO – Especially during the next few vital months.

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OptionsXO Complaints | Initial Handling

OptionsXO prides itself on “not letting any complaint fall between the seats”. The second a complaint arrives, the designated broker (OptionsXO assigns brokers, rather than account managers, to handle the traders’ day-to-day activities) is required to handle and close the complaint to the customer’s satisfaction within a specific time period. That way, 99% of complaints are closed quickly and effectively.


OptionsXO Complaints | Preventative Actions

OptionsXO believes in a pro-active approach to complaints, which means trying to avoid – or at least minimize – the circumstances that lead to misunderstandings or costumer dissatisfaction.

That is why all complaints are logged and flagged in the company’s internal systems, and then analyzed on a weekly basis. The purpose of this analysis is to understand how things could have been done differently, and improve the set of services in the future. Each complaint is talked about, categorized and then filed for future reference.

That is why with OptionsXO, the percentage of satisfied customers far exceeds the industry standards, and the brand enjoys a very positive word-of-mouth.

OptionsXO Complaints | Clean Complaint Record

It is rare to find a successful brand that has a squeaky-clean internet presence. Just try to look up “Disney scam” or ‘Coca Cola scam” to understand what we’re talking about.

In that perspective, OptionsXO are no different – However, what sets them apart from some of the other brands we’ve reviewed is the systematic and methodical way in which they make sure every voice is heard, and every customer’s issue – whether big or small – gets resolved. It’s easy to talk about great customer service, but when you build a system it’s much easier to actually deliver.

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OptionsXO Complaints | Conclusion

We have been very impressed with OptionsXO’s clean complaint record, as well as its proactive approach toward handling anything out of the ordinary in terms of trader satisfaction.

It seems like this binary options brand realized what many other have neglected to grasp – That the road to generating massive growth is by maintaining clients for the long term, not just getting them to lose money and move on to the next one. This is a step in the right direction we hope many brokers will follow in the future.



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Author: Mark Watson

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