OptionsXO Scam Test 2015

OptionsXO Scam Test

OptionsXO Scam Test

If you’re just starting out with binary options trading, your first choice of broker is crucial. The right broker can make or break your experience (And your bank account in the process), so it is of the essence that you look for a reliable brokerage to partner with for the first time. 

OptionsXO, one of the fastest growing brands in the industry, is currently making a name for itself by focusing on this exact issue. While other brands talk about size or technology, OptionsXO is moving to position itself as the honest choice, with several big steps made to ensure that new traders believe the hype.

OptionsXO Scam Test | Regulation

If you ask us, only one thing’s better than a regulated broker – a broker currently applying for regulation.  The approval process puts brokers under a microscope, and pushes them to far exceed the standards when it comes to transparency and honesty.

OptionsXO are currently applying for both CySec and Belize regulation, and the effect is clear. After thoroughly reviewing the OptionsXO website, it appears this broker has definitely gone the extra mile to assure its credibility. Even its new slogan, “integrity is our greatest asset”, is a clear marker of this broker’s current focus.

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OptionsXO Scam Test | Safety

In binary, safety is usually measured by two parameters: Data protection and transaction encryption. It is crucial that both your personal information and financial records are well-kept.

To protect data and payment information, OptionsXO uses SSL & ClickSSL protocols. This is the same technology used by Apple, Google and Facebook, which is clear evidence to its quality. SSL is a more expensive technology, used by very few binary options brokers. So, kudos to OptionsXO for that.

When performing the OptionsXO Scam Test, we also looked at the payment methods the company offers. If you’re high on payment security, you’d be happy to hear that OptionsXO works with the most secured payment methods in the world. OptionsXO supports all major credit card providers, debit cards, and even wire transfers.


OptionsXO Scam Test | Sales Process

One of the best ways to learn about an operation is through its employees. In binary options, the employees who provide the best input into the business’s mentality are the sales representatives. That is why one of our tests is to make a sales call, and see if what we’re promised is what we get.

Unlike other brokers, the representatives at OptionsXO were very honest and upfront. They detailed both the risks and the rewards equally, and presented us with a realistic profit plan rather than just telling us we’ll be rich. 

When you get on the phone with a sales representative, it’s important you don’t get swayed by unrealistic affiances. The truth is, binary options is a great tool to make extra money, but getting rich from it doesn’t happen overnight – and not to anyone.

OptionsXO Scam Test | Trading Platform

When running a Scam Test, one of the main things we look at is the accuracy of the platform. There are a lot of disingenuous brokers out there who manipulate rates, payouts, and even trading results for more profit. 

Fortunately, the OptionsXO trading platform exhibits great precision and authenticity. Presented rates are on-point, payouts are never “miscalculated”, and trade results coincide with market results at all times.

That being said, OptionsXO offers over 100 assets – and we were obviously not able to check them all. So, we encourage you to run your own test on the assets you’re interested in.

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OptionsXO Scam Test | Conclusion

OptionsXO is one of the most rapidly growing binary options brands in the industry, and from the looks of it – Its traders are in great hands.

The influence of the company’s attempt to become a regulated broker is definitely noticed. From the sales representatives to the platform’s new slogan, it seems that every aspect of the company’s operation has been tweaked to enhance credibility and deliver an honest experience. 

Bottom line, we’d say that not only is OptionsXO not a scam, but that it’s evolved into one of the most transparent brokers out there. If crystal clarity is your main criteria, we’d say now is the perfect time to get on board with this binary broker.



OptionsXO Scam Test | Website Preview

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