Optitrade24 Scam Test 2015

OptiTrade24 Scam Inspection

OptiTrade24 Scam Inspection

Optitrade24 is one of the best brokers in the field of binary options trading. It works not only with binary option, but clients of Optitrade24 can trade also on Forex exchange. Despite the fact, that they have thousands of costumers, which trust their money to this company despite the fact that they have been founded in 2014, it still does not mean that these kind of companies are absolutely reliable and safe. In this article we bring the results of the analyses of Optitrade24’s work and how much the client can trust them. As there is a high level of scamming and the scammers get more and more advanced, the broker agencies, in order to protect their clients trust and their money, need to improve their security systems as well. Some agencies spend lot of funds to their security systems and some need to work on that. How Optitrade24 protects their clients, is provided in this article. You can read more about the agency and their services here

Optitrade24 Scam Test 2015 | Account Security and Trading Platform

The website provides information to its clients regarding how to keep their account secure starting from landing on the page and finishing with log out. We can say that the company takes care of its client’s security. Optitrade24 provides and manages the wide range of software and hardware tools, which allow filtering and controlling the network packs according to the rules set on the webpage. The information that is transferred between company’s webpage and client’s computer is encrypted with the use of 128-bit encryption with SSL-certificate. Company’s IT security specialists manage the information flow starting from the Client’s landing on the webpage, and control and log all the operations, done by the client. All the information on the webpage is checked by the security specialists in the company, which says that to work with company is completely safe and reliable. Despite the fact, that trading platforms are often used by scammers to provide false information or late data to make clients of the company to invest their money based on that information, the security system of Optitrade24 allows us to say that the information, provided on the platform is reliable and the fact that information flow is controlled starting from the client’s landing on the webpage and finishing by the logging out from the account, we advice to work with Optitrade24.


Optitrade24 Scam Test 2015 | Money Transaction

Money transaction to and from your account on the webpage is the most important step the company needs to secure. As have been mentioned, the company secures the information flow between client’s computer and company’s website by SSL encryption system. Also, when registering the webpage requests detailed personal information containing your address, copy of your credit card, ID photo etc and before activating your account, the company information security specialists check up on all the information provided by the client. Once the profile is checked and the account is activated, it is time to deposit money to start trading. Deposit can be done by Credit card (Visa, Master Card, Visa Electron, Maestro), wire transfer and electronic wallet (Qiwi, Yandex Money, Neteller, Webmoney and Okpay) and all the transactions are secured by the newest encrypt technology.


Optitrade24 Scam Test 2015 | Feedback

The initial required deposit is $250, which is average among other brokers, but still can seem too high for the beginners as they don’t know what to expect after depositing this amount. As for experienced traders, any amount is fine, what is more important in trading is the security system that the webpage can provide to its clients. More experienced the client is, further they see the work of this type of brokers. Generally speaking we have mostly positive feedback on Optitrade24. The experienced traders are happy with the profit they make with the company and are happy about their decision to work with Optitrade24. They think the company has very high security system and they feel safe working with this company. Nevertheless, there are negative feedback as well about the work of the company. When we look deeper, we see that they are mostly from clients with poor knowledge on binary options trading and poor decision making skills. The company provides wide range of trainings for beginners and personal support specialists always advice to take courses and to read materials before starting trading. It may take time to learn how to trade, but it is always good to spend more time on learning and getting good skills before starting trading.


To sum up, we can surely tell, that working with this company is fully reliable and safe. Despite the fact, that they were founded in 2014 Optitrade24 became one of the leading brokers in binary option trading due to their high customer service system and easy and safe platform. It allows its clients to trade also on Forex. The trading platform that the company provides is one of the best in the industry, all the information flow between client and company is encrypted with the newest security technology and in order to register and activate your account, you need to go through identity check up, which makes the platform safer and more reliable. Despite the fact that they are new in the industry, due to the specialists that work in the company, it has created a community of professional traders, who are there for valuable advice, which can make the company work better. In one year they have got thousands of clients from all over the world due to the fact that they are safe and reliable. To check for yourself, try to work with them.

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Author: Mark Watson

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