Plus500 Review 2018

WARNING: 80.6% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Plus500 Review 2017

Plus500 Review 2018

Online trading is a huge business these days – not only are people trading in the millions every day, but there is also a huge number of brokers that connect you to the market in real time.

Among these companies, many offer different types of trading and Plus500 is one of the best and most famous out there. To show you what they have to offer, we have prepared a very detailed Plus500 review.

As always, our trusty team of professional traders is on the job and we have the latest and most reliable information on all features of this company’s offer.

If you’re looking to trade CFDs (and CFDs alone because this is the only type of trading the company offers), you cannot afford to miss this. Let’s get going!



– widely regarded as one of the best brokers

– accepts PayPal

– literally ALL mobile devices covered

– free demo account

– recognized even beyond the trading industry

– US traders not accepted

Plus500 Review | Deposit

The first thing we’ll be taking a look at in this Plus500 review is the broker’s money transfer policy. There are plenty of ways to make your deposit because apart from bank transfers and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard brands) you can also use Skrill and PayPal, too. Plus500 minimum deposit is set to 100 EUR. This is a fairly standard amount, if not even lower than the average in the industry, but when you take a look at what you get for that, the value of your money goes sky-high. We must also mention that the company usually does not charge you any fees for Plus500 deposits, except if you deposit in a different currency from the one stated in your trading account. In that case, some commissions may appear.

Plus500 Deposit Page

Plus500 Deposit Page (all prices are illustrative)

Plus500 Review | Withdrawal

As for Plus500 withdrawal, you have to be aware that the broker will always try to send you money to your Visa card, if that was the way you deposited. The method you choose will be used if your card turns out to be inaccessible and the company will try to deliver your money to you this way whenever possible to avoid money laundering. Of course, the methods you can choose from are the same as for deposits. However Plus500 minimum withdrawal requirements differ slightly depending on how the process is done – for PayPal and Skrill the amount is 50 USD, whereas for credit cards and bank transfers it stands at 100 USD. You can withdraw even less than that, but this will incur a 10 USD Plus500 fee. You can only conduct five withdrawals every month for free, any other withdrawals will also have a 10 USD fee attached to them. With all that out of the way, we can move this Plus500 review along. Let’s see what the trading environment looks like.

Plus500 Withdrawal Page

Plus500 Withdrawal Page (all prices are illustrative)

Plus500 Review | Trading platform

Yes, the Plus500 trading platform will be the next topic of our analysis. There is no doubt that this is a very versatile piece of engineering because there is literally no device you can’t use it on. First, you have a couple of options when it comes to trading on your desktop computer. You can either download the platform or simply use the web trader to trade through your web browser. Even people who have Mac or Linux computers have been thought of and will be able to trade without any problems.

Plus500 Risk Management

Plus500 Risk Management

Both choices are equally excellent and it should be said that you will only have to wait a few seconds if you decide to download the desktop version. Furthermore, we have to stress that the platform was created by the company’s own development team and these people have indeed done a great job. Despite a huge number of assets you can choose from here, everything flows seamlessly and it’s pretty easy to navigate. Clear design helps you find your way around, with the market data streaming in every second. Actually, we were pretty pleasantly surprised with how simple the whole trading process was made by the company. Everything is right there in front of you and a few clicks is all it takes to start investing. Hardly surprising, because the current web trader was actually only launched last year and is an upgrade of the original platform which started out in 2008 and brought huge success to the company. But if you don’t have the time to sit in front of your computer you need not worry – the following paragraph of our Plus500 CFD review will show you why.

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*CFD Service. 80.6% lose money


Plus500 Review | App

As you would expect from any company of this size and importance, Plus500 keeps track of the latest technological developments and is always ready to create something new for its clients. So naturally, the Plus500 app exists, but the number of options it gives you is absolutely awesome. As of March 2015, it is available on all iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices and you can even get it for your Apple Watch! This product is, of course, completely free for all traders, so all you have to do is download it from the store and you’ll be good to go. The design and features and pretty much the same as on the desktop platform, which means you can expect the same high-quality trading experience in this case, too. However, there are some interesting features you can use here like voice search and a notification center that should be coming very soon. With this last feature, you will be able to instantly access all relevant news and alerts. Furthermore, you can easily fund your account this way as well, even by PayPal if you so desire. But no matter how you look at it, Plus500 mobile app allows you to be in complete control of your investments at any given time and to be able to make a move instantly if something unexpected happens. It really is easy as one, two, three. Tens of thousands of traders already have this app on their mobile devices and an overwhelming majority of them considers it to be a product of the very highest quality. But you don’t have to start investing real money right away if you don’t want to. To find out how you can test everything out on this website, just continue with our Plus500 review.

Plus500 Mobile App

Plus500 Mobile App (all prices are illustrative)

Plus500 Review | Demo account

Many brokers in the world of online trading have demo accounts, but what sets Plus500 demo account from the rest of the pack is the fact that it’s completely free. All you have to do to open it is fill out a form containing only two pieces of information – your e-mail and your new password. After that, you only have to click on the “Create account” button and you’ll be all set to start exploring. And there is a lot to explore too because you essentially get access to everything the broker has to offer. The only difference is that with a Plus500 demo account you will be supplied with a fair amount of virtual currency. Commodities, indices, major currencies, minor currencies, even virtual currencies, options, ETFs, and shares are all accessible to you with a single click. The same clear design is present here as well, plus you can also view your trading history. In other words, it doesn’t get much more real than this. Once you’re done checking things out, you can easily switch to your real trading account if you have one. If you don’t, you’ll surely want to create it after you test everything for yourself. Naturally, this is also a great way to learn and see if your new strategies work. Should you need more clarifying once you’re through with this, you can easily contact the broker’s support team. Stick around, we tested that too and we will talk about that in the following part of this Plus500 guide!

Plus500 Accounts

Plus500 Accounts

Plus500 Review | Support

If you need more information about any aspect of this broker, there are several ways you can get it. First of all, there is a pretty large FAQ library with almost one hundred most common questions answered, so we recommend checking that out first before you decide to talk to the staff. Simply, if the question you want to ask is there, this is the fastest way to get an answer, especially because all topics are really easy to browse. If you don’t find the answer there, there are two main Plus500 contact methods you can use – e-mail and live chat. In both cases, the staff is very quick to respond and will always get straight to the issue at hand, without promoting any of the company’s products, which some customer services sometimes do.

Plus500 Contact

Plus500 Contact

No, this team is very professional, numerous and exceptionally well trained, so all your troubles will be resolved as quickly as possible. Not that we expect you to have any, mind you. But that’s not all because Plus500 support can also be reached via social networks, namely Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Of course, the speed of answers and their quality will remain the same. Therefore, no matter how you look at it, you will be taken care of if you decide to trade with this broker. But our Plus500 review doesn’t end here – there are even more things to talk about, so keep reading!

START TRADING WITH PLUS500.COM NOW!Your capital is at risk
*CFD Service. 80.6% lose money


Plus500 Review | Complaints


Whenever we’re writing an article like this, we always keep in mind that other people may have different opinions about a broke than us. Because of that, we always try to talk to as many people as possible to see if they are particularly dissatisfied with any part of the offer. Naturally, they all have to be clients of the company we’re examining. We, therefore, went on a hunt for Plus500 complaints and here’s what we found out.

We have to say that most people we talked to regard this company as a serious and professional establishment that is genuinely focused on making sure its clients are taken care of. However, we did encounter some Plus500 complaints (it would be very suspicious if there were none), so we will address them in the following few lines. For example, some people complained that they simply got lost on the broker’s platform. While it is true that there are indeed many assets you can choose from, we honestly believe the company has done a good job helping its clients find the asset they want. True, it may take some getting used to if you don’t have any experience, but everyone should be able to grasp things quickly. Some people even thought the platform is rigged, but after coming up with the same results of our Plus500 Scam Test on multiple occasions, we can safely say that everything is completely legit. Accusations like this are common when a trade doesn’t go your way. Like all traders who had a positive Plus500 experience, we also maintain that this is a completely reliable broker with plenty to offer. As a matter of fact, we still haven’t covered everything we want to say about this company. Want to know more? Then stay tuned for the next paragraph!

Plus500 Review | Atletico Madrid

Plus500 has gone even beyond the boundaries of the trading industry and they are now a well-respected and recognizable company all over the world. The best proof of that is the fact that Plus500 has signed a sponsorship agreement with Atletico de Madrid, one of the most powerful football clubs in Spain and Europe. The deal was signed in 2015, the year after the team had won the Spanish title ahead of giants like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Atletico also participates in Europe’s most prestigious club competition, the UEFA Champions League, every year, so the red and white shirt with Plus500’s logo is already recognizable across Europe. Why are we saying all of this? Well, Atletico de Madrid and UEFA are by no means organizations that allow themselves to do business with unreliable companies. You can be sure that this broker was thoroughly checked before the deal between Plus500 and Atletico went through, which just goes to show how capable this company is. You will definitely have a hard time trying to find another broker that has reached top levels of European football. From a business standpoint, this is huge success for the broker and, in a sense, recognition of their quality and efforts.

Plus500 Atletico Madrid Sponsorship

Plus500 Atletico Madrid Sponsorship

Plus500 Review | Other features

There are a couple of other things we need to tell you before we wrap this Plus500 review up. You may be wondering if you are going to get some kind of boost when you deposit. Unfortunately, that is not possible at the moment because the agencies regulating this company prohibit it. You see, Plus500UK Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909) and Plus500Cy Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Licence No. 250/14), but you can read more about that and its security system in the aforementioned article about scams. 

START TRADING WITH PLUS500.COM NOW!Your capital is at risk
*CFD Service. 80.6% lose money


Before we go, let us just mention the Plus500 inactivity fee. We have already mentioned other types of fees earlier in the review, but for this one different rules apply. You see, the inactivity fee will only be charged to you if you do not use your account for at least three months. The penalty for this is 10 USD. You can also be charged the Premium fee if you open a trade after a certain hour, but this can also work in your favor and you can get reimbursed for this by the broker. This all depends on the asset you choose, so make sure you keep track of time and check the details page to find out how opening a position late at night may affect you. With that, we believe we have enough information to conclude this Plus500 review.

Plus500 Safety

Plus500 Safety

Plus500 Review | Conclusion

And there you have it; we have reached the end of this extensive article. If you know anything at all about the trading industry, you know that this company absolutely deserves an analysis of this scale. They are one of the very best CFD brokers in the world and for some very good reasons. The platform is superbly designed and performs flawlessly, with mobile variations available on all mobile devices. Even Apply Watch! Of course, you don’t have to rush things. There is also the possibility to open a completely free Demo account you can use to examine the whole website thoroughly before you invest a single cent. Just take your time and think everything through. The company’s excellent support can help you make the right decision, so don’t hesitate to ask these competent people for help. Keep in mind that the money transfers are completely free most of the time, but that there is an inactivity fee that will be charged to you if you don’t do anything for three months. Speaking of money transfers, you can conduct those through a wide variety of methods, including PayPal! We hope this Plus500 review has clearly shown why this broker is one of the very best and they were even recognized by Atletico Madrid, one of the most powerful football clubs at the moment, with whom they have a sponsorship agreement. That should be proof enough. So if you want a professional, reliable and respected company to be your CFD trading partner, open your account right here now!

*CFD Service. 80.6% lose money

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