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Pocket Option Broker ReviewDo we have something interesting for you this time! Pocket Option is a quite tech-savvy broker offering a HUGE amount of options, so if you’re looking for flexibility in your trading partner, this is a company you really must consider. The financial requirements are pretty good too, plus there are some features many of your standard brokers simply do not have. It was quite entertaining to go onto their website and explore their offer fully, so we honestly believe you will find plenty of eye-catching info in the rest of this review. As always, our team left no stone unturned, and we are happy to say that no matter what kind of trader you consider yourself to be, you’ll find something that suits you just right on this website. Here’s why.


It seems logical to start this Pocket Option review with the deposit, seeing how you have to have some funds in your account balance before you can start trading for real. And right away, we find something very impressive. You see, the number of Pocket Option deposit methods is massive, quite literally dozens of choices are thrown at you. The broker says there are actually over 100 different payment methods, and that certainly seems to be true.

From the more standard methods like Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro, or WebMoney, FasaPay, and Qiwi, all the way to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there is plenty to choose from. Just be careful when choosing your preferred payment method because not all of them have the same conditions. That being said, the minimum Pocket Option deposit of 50$ applies to most of them, and most of them do not have any deposit fees associated with them. As far as minimum deposits go, that’s a pretty reasonable requirement, way below the industry’s average.

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But if you’ve liked what the deposit process has to offer, you’ll love what Pocket Option withdrawal has in store for you. But first, be aware that the withdrawal has to be done using the same method you used to make a deposit and in the same currency.

However, the minimum Pocket Option withdrawal you can make is set to just 10$, which is among the lowest financial requirements of that kind in the industry. The broker will also not charge you anything for the transaction, although this may not apply to your bank or your payment service provider, so inform yourself on time. Our withdrawals went smoothly every single time, so we don’t really have any complaints here, which means we can move on to the next part of this Pocket Option review. Stay tuned, there’s so much more good stuff coming your way.

Pocket Option deposit and withdrawal methods

Pocket Option deposit and withdrawal methods


Obviously, no review can be complete without a look at the trading platform. And once again, Pocket Option sets the bar very high. First of all, there are about 150 assets you can choose to trade: stocks, commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, the lot. And you can track them all with about 20 different indicators, five different types of charts (even Heiken Ashi is one of the options, in addition to lines, candles, areas, and bars). Finally, the cherry on top of this wonderful trading cake is the fact that you only need a single dollar to open a trade. This minimum investment requirement really makes this website accessible to everyone, no matter if they’re pro traders or complete beginners.

We also have to say that the payout you can get here is very high because it goes all the way to 128%, which is incredibly impressive. Other great features like digital options and pending orders are also present. Also, you can, for example, see the direction of all currently open trades focused on a particular asset that other traders trading with this broker have opened. This feature can help a lot if you’re on the fence about an investment. But this is just the beginning of what the Pocket Option trading platform has to offer.

Pocket Option trading platform

Pocket Option trading platform


No serious broker can afford these days to be without their own trading app, and Pocket Option is well aware of this. That’s why their mobile app supports not just Android and iOS devices, but Windows devices, as well. Of course, no matter which type of Pocket Option app you choose, it will be completely free and allow you full access to all the features the regular trading platform has to offer. So, no matter where you are, if you have an internet connection, you will be able to trade here.

Pocket Option Web App

Pocket Option Web App


If you’re not an experienced trader, you may want a safe environment where you can see how all those aforementioned features of the trading platform work. Fortunately, there is a way to do that, and you never have to make any kind of financial commitment. We’re talking, of course, about the Pocket Option demo account.

What’s great about this demo account is that you don’t have to make a deposit to access it. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to create an account. Just click on the „Start in One Click” button at the top of the page and you will immediately be given 10,000 virtual USD and taken to your demo account. Just like that, no questions asked! After that, you can check out all the features in peace and only start real trading when you feel ready. Certainly, this is how demo accounts should be done. But there is so much more to discuss, so stay tuned – our Pocket Options review has more ground to cover.

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The demo account, although great and very functional, is something most brokers offer. What you won’t see everywhere is this kind of emphasis on social trading. Yes, Pocket Option allows you to keep track of the most successful traders on this broker’s platform and to simply copy the trades they’re making if you think this is the way to go.

You can check the ranking of the best traders in the last 24 hours, or you can check to see who has made the most profit recently. There is plenty of other information you can extract from Pocket Option social trading too, such as the number of trades every trader has made over the last 24 hours, their payout percentage and their success rate. Based on all of that, you can make a pretty informed decision on whether to copy a trader or not. To be honest, we love the concept of social trading because we believe it can help inexperienced traders a whole lot, but this is just the first of many interesting features the broker offers.

Pocket Option Social trading

Pocket Option Social trading


Pocket Option signals are another great feature you won’t find with too many other brokers. The thing with them is that you have to download an app to be able to use them, but that is all very simple and completely free. The signals are issued daily and mostly focus on currency pairs, but some indexes and oil can also be found there. So, if you need a good trading tip, check Pocket Option signals out. 


Next up, we have to talk about Pocket Option tournaments. Yes, they have those here, too! As a matter of fact, there are quite a few Pocket Option tournaments to choose from, starting with the so-called Hour Play all the way to the massive and aptly named Game of Thrones. The first are small-scale tournaments lasting one hour, with the prize pool of 100$, but the latter are massive events that last for weeks and have 50,000$ in store for the best traders. Of course, there are also tournaments whose size is between the two aforementioned extremes, and you can choose between daily events to weekly competitions.

Generally, the longer a tournament lasts, the bigger the rewards, but keep in mind that there will be some sort of participation fee to pay if you want to get in on the action. For the smallest tournaments, you will only need one dollar, whereas for the Game of Thrones you will need 100$ to participate. Still, compared to the prize pool, the fees are quite reasonable. However, Pocket Option tournaments offer you a chance to win something other than cash prizes.

Pocket Option tournaments

Pocket Option tournaments


By trading on this platform, it is possible to unlock achievements set out by the broker. There are plenty of those you can reach, depending on how you’re trading, but once you do unlock them, you will earn gems that carry certain advantages with them. By deploying these gems, you can get perks like a bigger payout, extra funds and other useful bonuses that can help you increase your chances on the market.

Pocket Option achievements

Pocket Option achievements


Speaking of Pocket Option bonuses, it should be mentioned that you get a 50% welcome bonus when you make your first deposit here, too. Just keep in mind that you cannot withdraw your bonus until you do a certain amount of trading (depending on the size of the bonus you receive). On top of that, Pocket Option bonuses can take a variety of different forms, such as cashbacks and promo codes. Just stick around for a while and your patience will be rewarded.


Since we’ve covered the demo account already, we need to talk about the Pocket Option live account, as well. Yes, there is only one type of live account you can open, which keeps things nice and simple. However, there’s a catch. Once you open an account (more precisely, a profile), you will be awarded a profile level. This starts with the Stranger level (for those who do not make a deposit), and gradually goes all the way to Guru, which is the level reserved for those who have deposited at least 50,000$ with the broker. As you make more and more deposits, more and more options will open up with each profile level, which makes this essentially Pocket Option’s account types.

The good thing about them is that you’re not locked behind an account type you choose forever, as is the case with most other brokers, but you can gradually and naturally upgrade your Pocket Option account at a pace that suits you best. The more you trade here, the more options will become available to you.

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If you have questions regarding any of the features we’ve mentioned, rest assured that Pocket Option support will be there to help you. You can contact them in a variety of ways, including email, contact form, phone, and live chat. This last option is only available to you if you have an account and are logged in, which we think could’ve been done a bit differently. It’s just nice to have that option as soon as you get to the website, but compared to all the excellent features, this is really a minor complaint.

The contact info for the broker is as follows:

  • Tech support: support@pocketoption.com
  • Financial department: finance@pocketoption.com
  • Phone: +44 20 8123 4499


For a more thorough report on the broker’s security, check our Pocket Option Scam Test, but before we wrap things up, there is one aspect of this broker we have to discuss and that’s their license. As we have previously said, all our payments went through very smoothly, so the reliability of the company is not questionable. But it also needs to be said that Pocket Option is regulated by the IFMRRC (TSRF RU 0395 AA Vv0141), so you can be absolutely sure they are legit. The company is also registered on the Marshall Islands.


In the end, we can say that this Pocket Option review has been a roaring success. Simply, the broker has taken all the best practices in the industry and molded them into a superb trading experience everyone should try. And they even have very low financial requirements to go along with that!

Loads of options when it comes to money transfers, a strong social trading aspect, even the ability to sign up for trading signals, all of this is very hard to find elsewhere in the industry. The platform works flawlessly, no matter which device you’re accessing it from, and if you’re into cryptocurrencies you’ll love what you can do here.

So there really is no other way of saying it – if you want to trade, if you’re looking for a place that’s got it all, open an account with Pocket Option. No matter how big of a serious trader you are, you’ll love every second of your experience here.

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