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Raceoption Broker ReviewWhich broker to trade with? We may have a solution for you here! Raceoption has been a part of the online trading world since 2014, which is certainly a good reason to check them out. And just so you don’t have to waste your valuable time exploring all aspects of the company’s offer, we’re here to show you everything you need to know about them. Yes, we traded on their website for quite a while and have some very interesting things to report. As always, everything will be revealed in a detailed Raceoption Review where we disclose firsthand information about this broker’s offer. There will be some quite interesting features here, so sit down, get comfortable, and read on!

Account types

You can’t trade anywhere without a trading account, so we will start our analysis with an overview of Raceoption account types. There are three of them to choose from – Bronze, Silver and Gold – and we have to say that they are very well equipped indeed.

The Bronze account is the most basic package and it provides you with absolutely everything you need to get started. What especially stood out for us here is the fact that even with the most basic account your withdrawal requests will be executed incredibly quickly (more on that in just a minute) and the fact that you also get a bonus (that too will be discussed later). No doubt about it – this is a good start.

The Silver account will provide you with risk-free trades, web sessions and even an account manager, plus you can get an increased bonus if you so desire. Very, very good for a mid-tier account.

Finally, the Gold account increases your potential bonus even further and throws integrated technical analysis into the mix on top of all of the aforementioned features. So, it’s safe to say that the account packages here are rich. But which one you get will depend on how much you deposit. Yes, it’s time to move this Raceoption review towards the financial requirements.

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Raceoption account types

Raceoption account types


The minimum Raceoption deposit stands at 250 USD, which is enough to get you started with a Bronze account. Deposits of 1000$ and 3000$ will get you Silver and Gold accounts, respectively. This makes the Raceoption minimum deposit fairly standard when compared to most other brokers in the industry, but the limit for the top-tier account is fairly reasonable. So, if you’re looking to make larger investments, the Gold account could be a pretty good solution. The biggest deposit you can make is set to 50,000$.

As for Raceoption deposit methods, there are some good news here, too. Apart from the standard Visa and MasterCard debit card options, the broker accepts plenty of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other altcoins, plus there’s also the option of using the Perfect Money e-wallet. So, there are more than enough choices, especially if you’re into cryptocurrencies. But what about getting your money back?

Raceoption deposit

Raceoption deposit


Remember that we said Raceoption withdrawals are executed incredibly quickly? One hour is all it takes, and you don’t even have to have any special account – even Bronze account holders have this option. Just keep in mind that the withdrawal has to be confirmed first, but once it is, you will get your funds within 60 minutes.

The withdrawal methods are the same as the ones you can use for depositing, which means virtual coins, Visa, MasterCard and Perfect Money can all be used.

The minimum Raceoption withdrawal is set to 50 USD, which is quite a reasonable amount, especially when you remember how big the minimum deposit is. The withdrawal fee can only be applied to the transactions executed through Visa and MasterCard cards and can amount to 5%. Other methods will not incur any fees.

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As we have said earlier in this Reaceoption Review, you can indeed get a bonus when you make a deposit here. As a matter of fact, you will get something no matter which account you have, which is quite impressive. Bronze accounts will get you 20% extra on whatever you deposit, Silver accounts get that number up to 50%, and Gold accounts will add 100% of the amount you deposit into your account balance. Therefore, you can essentially double your money with the Gold account.

But that’s not everything Raceoption bonus policy has in store for you because Silver and Gold accounts also come with three risk-free trades. This means that you will get reimbursed for the first three trades you get wrong – however much you invest, that much will be allocated to you as a Raceoption bonus.
The bonus you receive during a year cannot be bigger than 100,000 EUR or USD, and you have to achieve turnover three times the size of your deposit and the bonus you get for it combined.

Trading platform

Once you’re ready to trade, you will need to go to the Raceoption trading platform. With more than 150 assets on offer there, you will quickly find what you need, and the selection of stocks and currencies there is particularly impressive.

Binary options and CFDs can be traded here, and you have three different types of trades you can make – Turbo, Intraday and Long term. These are essentially different expiration times you can set, and they cover everything from a few seconds to weeks in advance. What is particularly impressive about trading here is that the minimum trade requirement is just one dollar, so you are in complete control when to comes to deciding how much you want to invest. On the other hand, you can invest as much as 1500$ per trade, with payouts going as high as 95%.

It should also be said that the Raceoption trading platform is excellent for beginners thanks to its simple design. There’s not too much complicating here: you have your chart, your Call and Put buttons, the selection of assets, and that’s it. What more do you need, really?

Raceoption trading platform

Raceoption trading platform


Apart from the regular trading platform (which does not need any downloads and can be accessed through your web browser), you also have the option to trade via Raceoption app. This piece of software comes in two versions, for Android and iOS, and is completely free to download from any app store. With it you get instant access to your trading account and all the main features of the broker’s offer: live charts, all trading options, the ability to check your trading history… it’s all there. In short, Raceoption app is a great way to trade when you’re on the move.

Raceoption mobile platform

Raceoption mobile platform

Demo account

No serious broker can allow itself to be without a demo account, and Raceoption is well aware of that. Because of that, all available account types have a demo account embedded in their features, so as soon as you create your live account and make a deposit, you will be able to access it. Just contact the support team to receive your login information for the practice account.

Other than that, the Raceoption demo account works just as you would expect – it allows you to test the trading platform completely using virtual funds. Therefore, it is a great place to practice and come up with new trading strategies.

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Trading contest

A very interesting part of the offer here are trading contests. Yes, you can actually compete against other traders for valuable prizes – first four places split 20,000$ in total in cash, the fifth trader gets an iPad, and the rest of the top 40 traders get various trading bonuses ranging from 1000$ to 100$.

The rules are quite simple: whoever has the most trades at the end of each week (Sunday 20.30 GMT) wins. So, no matter if your trades are hitting the mark or not, you can move up the ladder here, as long as your investment is at least 10$. And you don’t need to do absolutely anything to apply for the trading contest because every trader with a funded account automatically participates in these Raceoption tournaments.

Raceoption trading contest

Raceoption trading contest


But that’s not all you can win when trading here! Raceoption giveaways regularly feature on the broker’s website and present another great opportunity to grab something extra. Not only that, but you can get an extra bonus (200% in the latest giveaway) if you use the promo code announced by the broker. Again, the rules are quite simple. All you have to do is make a minimum deposit (at least once) using the aforementioned code, and you can win one of 40 prizes depending on the purchase you’ve made. There are MacBook Airs, iPad Pros, iPhones 11 and even Apple Watches to be won, so with a little bit of luck at the draw, a very valuable prize could be heading your way.


We’ve come to the part of the review that has to tackle the education materials offered on the website. A slight objection here is that the education section only boils down to the FAQs. We’d like to see webinars, maybe even a video or two here. That being said, there are quite a lot of questions that have been answered here. We feel that, much like with the trading platform, the goal was to retain simplicity here. All the questions are aimed primarily at beginners, and if you’re new to binary options or CFD trading, you will indeed learn all the basics about this type of trading quickly.

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The main feature of Raceoption support is their 24/7 video chat service. It really looks and functions great, the fact that it’s available non-stop is very commendable, and your questions always get answered very quickly. After testing this service many times, we can give it a thumbs up without hesitation.

But the support options don’t stop there. You can send in an e-mail, there are five different phone numbers all over the world you can call and Instagram and Twitter accounts you can follow. On top of that, the website comes in four different languages (English, French, Russian and Spanish), which shows that a lot of effort has gone into this to accommodate as many people as possible.


Of course, no Raceoption review can be complete without taking a look at the security you can expect here. The support is an important part of that, and as we have seen, it passes with flying colours. There is a more in-depth analysis of the broker’s overall security system in our Raceoption Scam Test, but we will still emphasize here that the security measures are superb and that you can rely on the broker to deliver excellent results. The trading experience is great, and your funds are always under tight security, kept in top-tier banks and protected by the latest technology. We can also attest that everything functions just fine because our money was always delivered to us as promised.


We can end this review with a statement that Raceoption is indeed a high-quality broker. They offer great security and loads of interesting features you won’t find on other brokers’ websites that easily, including trading competitions and giveaways. One of their most notable features, however, is the excellent 24/7 video chat which allows you to get the right information whenever you need it.

What is particularly interesting is that the broker seems to have trading beginners in mind because the trading platform is quite straightforward and simple to use, and they generally tend to keep things very clear and easy to grasp. The financial requirements are just what you’d expect in this industry, although it has to be said that you can invest as little as one dollar in a trade. Add to that the nice bonuses you can get, and the picture you have about Raceoption should by now be complete. If you want to keep things nice and simple, enjoy a great trading environment and maybe even win a prize or two, sign up with this broker today!

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