RBinary Review

RBinary Review

RBinary Review

If you’re looking for a reliable trading partner, RBinary is a great candidate. This company from London has been a part of the trading industry since 2008 and has since then grown into a well-respected broker. Numerous interesting features are the main reason for that, things like very high bonuses or training sessions with professional traders. However, there are simply too many advantages to fit into this small paragraph, which is why we decided to write a detailed RBinary review.

In this analysis you will be able to find absolutely everything about every part of the broker’s offer because our team opened trading accounts on the company’s website and traded there for quite some time. Read on and see what they’ve found out!




– a huge number of assets

– reliable platform

– app for all devices

– very high bonuses

– offers signals

– excellent support

– loads of education materials

– does not accept traders from France, Belgium, US and Israel

– minimum deposit could be lower

– doesn’t accept e-wallets

RBinary Review | Platform

The first stop of our RBinary review will be the trading platform. The trading environment here is based on Panda trading software and this turned out to be a very good choice. The interface is clear and easily understandable, with all relevant information readily available. You can follow everything that’s going on on the market with ease, thanks to the platform’s smoothness and stability. However, what really impressed us here is the number of trading options you have. There are more than 250 assets to choose from, which is a number most other brokers can’t even come close to. Currencies, stocks, indices and commodities are categories the assets are grouped in, so you’ll easily find what interests you. In addition all prices are updated regularly, which means you always have the latest information in front of you to help you make the right investment decision. On top of this, there are also five trading modes to choose from. Apart from the standard high/low mode, you can choose the one-touch mode, the range mode, the so called hyper mode and even social trading. So no matter what your trading strategy is, you can easily implement it on the RBinary trading platform. With that out of the way, we can move this analysis on. Don’t worry; there are many interesting things left to explore. Keep reading!

RBinary Trading Platform

RBinary Trading Platform

RBinary Review | App

The platform discussed in the paragraph above is also available as an RBinary app. It can be acquired for free from both Google Play and the App Store, which means both Android and iOS devices support it. Apart from that, you lose nothing compared to the experience of trading on the desktop platform. A wide range on trading tools is still available, including FX Options reports. The market data is received in real time, and all your information will be heavily encrypted so that you and your device are always kept safe. A very low-latency trading system is the main reason for that, and this technology is used by some of the biggest financial institutions in the world. Most importantly, the payouts stay the same too because you can get returns of up to 240% per investment even if you’re trading on the go. All in all, if you don’t have the time to sit at home in front of your computer and trade, RBinary app has got you covered. It is a great piece of trading software that offers everything you need to react quickly to all market changes. But our RBinary review is just getting started. Stay tuned for more interesting information!

RBinary Mobile App

RBinary Mobile App

RBinary Review | Withdrawal and Deposit

This part of our RBinary review will focus on the ways you can transfer your money to and from your trading account. Just like pretty much everything else on this website, the selection of these methods is also rock-solid: you can use bank wire transfers and Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards. Furthermore, three different currencies are accepted: the US dollar, the British pound and the euro. All of this functions really well, so you can rest assured that no scams will happen, but we will talk more about the RBinary security system later in this article.
Let’s now turn to the numbers, a topic that always sparks a lot of interest. RBinary minimum deposit is actually pretty average when compared to what other companies in this industry ask for because it stands at $250. It can go up, though, if you decide to use bank wire transfer as your method of choice, so choose carefully. What is a very pleasant surprise here is the fact that you can open trades for just $10, which means that you are guaranteed lots of trading even if you just make the minimum deposit.
RBinary withdrawals, on the other hand, start at $100, which is also a pretty fair amount when you compare it to the rest of the industry. No fees will be charged to you for this and, like we said earlier, we encountered no signs of RBinary scams. The methods you can use are the same as those available for deposit, so you should have no problems making the transaction. All in all, money transfers on this website are pretty reliable, so we can move this RBinary review on.

RBinary Deposit Page

RBinary Deposit Page

RBinary Review | Contact

If you have any questions about the broker’s offer, contact RBinary support team. You can do so via live chat, e-mail and phone, with all these methods offering quick and thorough responses. People working here really do know a lot about binary options trading and are always ready to help. In short, you are in very good hands as you will have someone to turn to whenever the need arises. We should also mention here that you can contact the broker via social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn), which is another very helpful feature.

RBinary Contact

RBinary Contact

However, the field where this company really excels is education. Free videos, tutorials and e-Books are all there to help you develop your trading skills, plus you can even sign up for free webinars. On top of all that, 1-on-1 sessions with the company’s trading experts can also be organized, which is a great way to see how professional traders think and to get a glimpse of their charts and strategies. In addition, free RBinary signals are also available if you need reliable tips about where to invest. Just contact your account manager to set things up. Therefore, if you want to develop your trading strategy, improve your trading skills or anything of the sort, this broker offers you plenty of opportunities to do so. RBinary review continues in the paragraph below.

RBinary Review | Bonus

But perhaps the thing that separates this broker from all others the most, probably the most distinctive feature you can find on this website, is the RBinary bonus policy. Thanks to this, you can get some really spectacular deals and improve your trading balance significantly with just a few clicks. The first opportunity we must address in this part of RBinary analysis is the fact that the bonus you can get from this company goes all the way up to 300%. This is a lot more than most other brokers can offer and a number that really makes everyone consider trading here seriously. Of course, just like with every other broker in the industry, you will have to make a certain turnover before you’re allowed to withdraw. In this case, the turnover stands at 30 times the bonus amount, which is a pretty fair deal given the fact that other brokers often ask for a turnover 40, 50 or even more times greater than what they give you.
However, the advantages of RBinary bonus policy do not end there. You see, you can also gain a significant amount of risk-free trades from the broker. As a matter of fact, the company will cover your losses on up to 15 different occasions, which can really boost your profit significantly if you play your cards right. On top of that, if you’re lucky, you may come across a special promotion because RBinary often creates some unique deals for its clients. In other words, there are many ways to get extra value for your money, but if you’re not sure where to invest all these extra funds you get on this website RBinary can help you with that, too. The solution is just below in the next paragraph.

RBinary Features

RBinary Features

RBinary Review | Signals

RBinary signals are also an option on this website, and you can choose between three different types of software generating them – binaryrobot, botx and binary option autotrading. Once again, the broker will charge you nothing for using this feature, so if you feel stressed out or simply need a break but don’t want to leave the market unattended, this may be exactly what you need. There are also a lot of options you can choose from to set things up properly so that the robots can be as efficient as possible. However, if you want to enjoy signals in a more traditional way you can do that, too. You can sign up to receive RBinary signals yourself and then see if you think their predictions are correct. This way the signals turn into a great way of getting some good trading advice from the broker’s experienced team which you then may or may not choose to go with. Of course, there are no hidden fees or commissions you need to pay, so this can all bring pure profit to you. In any case, there are many helpful features you can pick up here, but we have more things to discuss, so don’t go away yet.

RBinary Review | Scam?

As you can see, there are plenty of things that will make your experience here a memorable one, but a lot of you reading this will think – is RBinary a scam? Can this broker actually be trusted with your hard-earned money? Well, in short the answer is yes it can. The main reason for that is that all your personal and financial information is encrypted by a reliable SSL encryption. This is a standard practice among the very best brokers in the industry, which doesn’t allow even the company itself to access your data. Only your account will be able to correctly decipher the code and gain full access to the information you provide. We must mention that this website also has a Star Field Technology certificate confirming the quality of protection you get here. So the latest technology is implemented to keep things safe and sound.
But the fact that can be taken as the ultimate proof that RBinary is legit is the fact that this company adheres to all guidelines set forth by Joint Money Laundering Steering Group. This means that everything is closely monitored to prevent money laundering and financing terrorism. These guys are not kidding around, you can be sure of that. Besides, the fact that this company has been around for almost ten years shows us that they have proven themselves to be reliable time and time again. The next thing we analyze will help you see that for yourself. Read on!

RBinary Privacy

RBinary Privacy

RBinary Review | Demo account

If you want to test this broker without depositing any money, this next part of our RBinary review is for you. This is because you can set up a free RBinary demo account in a matter of seconds, and we are going to tell you everything about this neat feature. First of all, to set up this special account type, you will need to contact the support team. As you have seen in one of the previous paragraphs, this is extremely simple and you have loads of ways to do it. The support team will then prepare everything for you and provide you with the information necessary to log into your new RBinary demo account.
Once you’re there, you will see that the environment looks pretty much like the real trading platform. Indeed, this account allows you to test absolutely everything the broker has to offer, only without exposing any of your funds to potential losses. Of course, you can’t win money either, but you can get valuable experience, develop your own trading strategy or improve your trading skills and all those things are worth quite a lot to any serious trader. You lose nothing when you compare this experience with the one you get if you decide to trade on a real account, and all trading modes and assets will be at your disposal. If there’s a tool that can help you profit, it’s this one. Still, there are more things we need to analyze in the rest of this article – stay tuned!

RBinary Review | Complaints

But what about RBinary complaints? Are there any serious ones that can be made? Well, as you can see from this Rbinary review, we have none, but maybe some other traders have something to add. That’s why we combed through several forums and talked to some people who traded here. We found that there are many people who have been trading with this company for years and they seem perfectly happy with the experience this company provides. Obviously, we can’t say that there are absolutely no RBinary complaints, but complaining about the minimum deposit, for example, is extremely subjective because the amount is pretty average in this industry. True, there are many brokers with lower requirements, but this is the company’s policy and people in charge have clearly assessed that this minimum deposit will pay off. Some people made allegations that the trading platform is being manipulated, but we found no evidence of that during our time here. The traders who claimed they were tricked this way also couldn’t provide us with anything that would back their claims up, so we have to dismiss them as unfounded. We are pretty satisfied with what this broker has to offer and honestly believe you will be too once you dive in. With that, it’s time to wrap things up here.

RBinary Review | Conclusion

It’s time to recap what we have learned during this RBinary review. First of all, we have to say that the broker’s platform works just as you would expect from a professional company, without any bugs, glitches or anything of the sort. It is also available for all mobile devices, so you can trade whenever and wherever you want. High payout rates are also pretty attractive, which means you can turn even your minimum deposit (which is fairly average) to profit very quickly. What is particularly impressive, however, is this company’s bonus policy because with their high bonuses and numerous risk-free trades you can enjoy your trades much more and get more from your investments. There are even free signals included in the offer, plus you can test the whole website out without any risk if you open a demo account. The support team is quick to respond and very reliable, and you have some pretty interesting educational materials to help you out if you want to improve your skills. To put it simply, absolutely everything you need for an excellent trading experience can be found on this website. Like we said at the beginning of the article, the offer is rock-solid in every aspect. So go ahead and open a trading account here if you want a reliable trading partner and see why these guys have been in the business for almost a full decade.but

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