Regulation has shut OneTwoTrade down!

WARNING: This broker has been shut down due to numerous complaints and security issues. We strongly recommend trading with regulated and trusted brokers.

Regulation Has Shut OneTwoTrade Down

Regulation Has Shut OneTwoTrade Down

After more than five years in this industry, OneTwoTrade has ceased all its trading activities and will not be accepting new clients anymore. This is due to the fact that the broker has failed to meet the standards set forth by the Malta Gaming Authority. For a while now, we have been receiving complaints from our readers about the quality of service they got on OneTwoTrade’s website, so it seems that things have now culminated and the industry has lost a pretty famous broker. Still, complying with security standards absolutely must come first, so if they could not provide their clients with top-notch security, the fact that regulation has shut OneTwoTrade down is probably for the best.

Regulation has shut OneTwoTrade | Causes

In an industry such as this one, reliability is of outmost importance. If a broker cannot or does not fulfil its duties, that can have a serious impact on many other aspects of the business. Bad publicity travels fairly quickly, and other companies can suffer because of some broker’s mistakes. According to our sources, OneTwoTrade has been struggling for quite some time to maintain the level of quality they had a couple of years ago. Don’t let their website fool you because although it may look like everything is in order, nobody is running it and it is essentially dead. Our sources also tell us that this decision is final and that regulation has shut OneTwoTrade down for good. Therefore, if you had an account with this company, it’s time to look for another broker. Unfortunately.

Profitable win at OneTwoTrade platform

OneTwoTrade Profitable Win

Regulation has shut OneTwoTrade | Testimonials

Like we said, over the last few months we received several complaints about this broker from our readers, something that was not the case before. Jurgen Schneider from Germany, for example, told us: “I’ve been trading with OneTwoTrade for two years now. Before this incident I had absolutely no problems, but now I can’t withdraw my 3000 EUR from my trading account. What should I do?”
Two weeks before Jurgen, Luc Bernard from France approached us with a similar question. He said: “What can I do when a broker doesn’t let me withdraw my money? I’ve been trying to withdraw 4700 USD for a while now, but with little success.”
Two more almost identical questions were mailed to us approximately three weeks ago, so it does seem like there were problems with the way the company functions for a while now. We honestly hope you weren’t affected – do not trade with OneTwoTrade anymore.

OneTwoTrade trading academy

OneTwoTrade Trading Academy

Regulation has shut OneTwoTrade | Conclusion

Regulation has shut OneTwoTrade down and the company won’t be coming back. It seems like the problems have been piling up for quite some time and that it was only a matter of time when the broker will snap under pressure. They couldn’t keep up with the industry’s standards and their regulatory agency decided to shut them down. That’s probably for the best, since there really is no point in keeping a broker that can cause trouble up and running. There are loads of other companies that can provide you with an even better trading experience out there, so browse our website a bit and see which one you like.




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