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Risk Free Trading

When it comes to trading, there is always a risk associated with it. But there are risks associated with any business, isn’t it? It all comes down to the fact that you are taking calculated risks or not. The fact that the payouts are higher in case of binary options, make it very tempting to invest more in it. This is why some people end up counting losses. It is not impossible to earn good profits in the binary trading platform, if only you know when to take advantage of the market movement.

Risk Free Trading | Is it an option?

Many binary trading platforms are now offering risk free trades to their clients to help them get started without any losses. The basic idea is that for a certain period of time, if you are placing a trade and you are earning losses, the binary trading platform will cover up for it, giving you back your amount lost. But in case you win, you get to keep the earnings.

Risk free trading | Is there any loss involved?

Many traders actually don’t know that there is no loss involved in this type of trading. This is the broker’s way of giving it back to the new user. They have specially set this up to make the traders more efficient and and profitable from the very start. In the world of binary options, one of the most important things is the feeling of insecurity. This is where the no risk trading can actually help people feel assured.

Risk free trading | How can the risk be controlled?

Essentially the Binary Options Risk Control can lead to two directions: either by choosing the early close option or by investing modest amounts. Everyone knows that the amount you lose in binary options is the original amount which you have invested, and not more than that, unlike Forex. So if you invest modest amounts when you are not sure of the fluctuations in the market, you can reduce risks. Another way to reduce the risk is by selling off your trade when you sense unpredictability in the market. For example, if you have placed a bet in the morning and are unsure of that by the afternoon, you can sell off your trade and not only reduce risk but also earn some money.

Risk free trading | Is it really risk free?


The risk free trading can actually be termed as a bonus offered by the brokers, for signing up with them. An excellent example here is the Opteck Risk Free Trades which is an instant hit with many of the broker’s traders.

Many platforms offer this feature to some of the traders who sign up for them. This means that, it is not automatically given to just any user; but rather it is a bonus. The benefit is in getting a real time learning experience with the market. Traders can enjoy up to five OptionFair Risk Free Trades which just goes to show the kind of confidence that they have in their trading platform.

OptionFair Forex Trading Platform

Now if we return back to the question of whether it is really risk free? The answer would be yes, it is. Your entire amount is immediately deposited back to your account if you lose. The money can also be withdrawn easily, and you can reinvest if you want. It really is risk free!

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