Samsung Stock Analysis for Binary Options traders!

Stock analysis is a very crucial strategy of trading in binary optionsUnderstanding the knowledge of how stocks behave on the market aids you to either invest in a company or not. The brilliant way is to ensure that you produce the best value of returns from your investment over a long period of time. Samsung is a re-owned electronic and smart phone company with a well safeguarded reputation. The company is in close competition with Apple.

The shares of Samsung are preferably up with a 20% from January 2012. The company was able to record a profit margin of $8.3 Billion in 2013 on$50 Billion revenue. On that note, the smartphone company is expected to settle at $8.9 at its second quarter. The launch of Galaxy S4 on April 2013 saw the company’s shares rise up pretty first and settled at a 45 % rate.  Apple’s shares rose to 70% due to the launch of I Phone 5 in September 2012.

Let’s make a brief technical analysis of Samsung stock. It involves the use of charts and figures to predict the trends of the markets. It closes with a range of 1,287,000 – 1,319,000 daily. Its market capacity is currently at 169,564.72B and a volume of 241,464. Samsung is an ideal brand to invest in. Take a close comparison with its counterpart Apple when it comes to flexibility of its market.

The launch of Galaxy S5 Barely a year after the inception of S4 made a high implication on the volume of stocks and the existing market of the brand. The shares have been rising since December 2013 at an average rate of 1.4% .Currently; the South Korean firm is valued at 6.4 times its earnings in the next one year. Though its shares declined drastically on November 2013 at a rate of 13% compared to Apple’s 4.2 %, the company is expected to perform better this year.

What is the net profit of Samsung?  This is where traders like it most.  According to statistics done on its turnover, it exported 13 million units of its brand compared to the previous 17 million.  What may have caused the great margin of 4 million units?  It slowed down due to the competition created by iPhone 5s and 5c. The company will face a greater challenge in its market due to the planned sale of iPhone to China.

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