Sony stock analysis for financial year of 2014 for profitable Binary Options Trading!


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Sony is a Japanese multinational corporation with its headquarters in Tokyo Japan. The company is well known for its exclusive production of games, electronics such as radios, televisions and it also provides entertainment services. It was recently ranked number 87 under the Fortune Global 500 in 2012. The Japanese company is ideal for trading in the binary trading options.  With trading binary options, your risks are well l controlled In hand. Apart from that, you can double your investments in just 60 seconds or an hour. The most crucial fact is to predict whether the value of Sony Company will go up or down. As simple as that.

What is the current value of the company?  It is valued at 148.871 Billion, with an operating income of $ 0.257 Billion and has generated an average of $75.410 Billion in revenue in 2014. According to analysis and statistics done in 2006 of the company, there was a delay in the announcement of PS3 in Europe .This led to the drop of its shares as few investors injected their investments into the corporation.

It is now 8 years down the line since then .As an investor, you may be wondering where the stock level and performance of the company is now . Before that, understand the methods and techniques of how to evaluate the stocks in the market .It includes; market analysis, technical analysis, profitability and valuation analysis. The current number of shares is 32, 700,741 .The price ranges   from $15.25 – $18.65 but operates an average of $16.77. As an investor, taking quick predictions in the binary trading options on how prices of Sony stock fluctuates, your potential profits are high compared to the loss. Why? Basically because the current 2014 stock price margin is high. Though you may face some loss, it will be absolutely equal to the amount of investment you injected to the trading platform.

The company has been performing pretty well since 31st December 2013. It recorded a stock price change of 9% with an average price of %16.77 per share.  As per the analysis done on 31st March 2014, the margin in the stock price was 3 % with a total number of 32,700,741. This indicates an increase of 30,739,841 shares from its current share turnover of 1,960,900. From the trend in the fluctuations of the shares and share turnover, Sony Corporation is prudent to trade in the binary options trading.

From the technical analysis, it is evident that the current share prices of the Japanese company will range from $15.25 – $ 20.65 before the end of the financial year 2014, with a price percentage change of 11% – 21 %.

How much profits do you think you can make if trading Binary Options on Sony stock ?

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