TitanTrade Withdrawal

TitanTrade Withdrawal Review

TitanTrade Withdrawal Review

TitanTrade is one of the more experienced brokers on the market with its founding dating back to 2010. During this time, the company has dealt with all types of financial markets, not just the one concerned with binary options, so the experience they have managed to gather is quite significant. In this article, we will take a look at the withdrawal process this broker has implemented, which is only a small part of its trading offer. The goal is to show and explain what sets this broker apart from its competition, which unique features it has to offer and how will you, as a trader, benefit from all that. For a look at other features this broker has to offer, check out our TitanTrade Review.

TitanTrade Withdrawal | Methods

TitanTrade offers you two basic ways of withdrawing your money – by a credit (or debit) card or by a wire transfer. This broker is verified by Visa, MasterCard and American Express which guarantees the safety of your cards during all transactions made with this broker. The safety is further strengthened by an SSL encryption system which turns all your personal and account information into data visible only to you. You are therefore extremely well protected and can fully enjoy your trading experience with TitanTrade. We have thoroughly investigated the issue of safety in our TitanTrade Scam Test, so head on over there for more information. We should also point out that getting American Express on their team and enabling the TitanTrade withdrawal with them is quite an accomplishment for this broker because American Express cards are quite rarely found in this business. This is a great way to offer a unique method of withdrawal to their clients and gain an edge over the competition, but it also shows that this broker can be trusted.

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TitanTrade Withdrawal | Verification

TitanTrade’s dedication to their clients’ safety is also evident from the way they verify your account. In order to do that, you will have to send them a copy of a photo ID and a utility bill which will then be checked for address and if this information is not the same, you will be contacted by the broker to explain why this is so. If you decide to use a credit card, you will have to send in a color copy of it, as well, with all the edges visible and clear to read. You can, however cover the first 12 digits and the cvv code in order to protect yourself from any possible scams. Once again, the information you provide will be thoroughly checked because you won’t be able to invest with a credit card which is not in your name and the same goes for the bank account – it has to be in your name, as well. Apart from that, you will also need to sign two additional documents – the Declaration document (for credit or debit cards only) and the Authorization document (for all trading accounts). This just goes to show how detailed TitanTrade withdrawal really is and that nothing is left to chance because this last step is an added security measure that other brokers usually don’t have. Both of these documents are easily downloadable from the broker’s website and should be sent to the e-mail address mentioned there. Keep in mind that you will only need to complete this process once, so once you’re done with it, you can go ahead and start trading as much as you like.


TitanTrade Withdrawal | Minimums and fees

Both credit cards and wire transfers have a minimum withdrawal amount of 100 USD, GBP or EUR. You will not be able to withdraw via credit card more than you have deposited, so all of your profits will have to be delivered to you by a wire transfer. This is to prevent illegal money laundering schemes which can happen if the money is not fully credited back to your card.

The good news is that all withdrawals made by credit cards are completely free and you can even go ahead and withdraw less than the minimum amount if you don’t have enough in your account balance to meet this requirement. We have also covered TitanTrade Minimum Deposit in another article, so if you need more information on that particular topic, just follow the link. As for the wire transfers, the first one of every month will be completely free of charge, with every other one costing $30.

Don’t forget to check how big a fee will your bank charge and if you have some sort of intermediary bank, you can expect some fees there, too.

The broker cannot influence this, is not responsible for any fees charged by the bank and will always stick to the aforementioned rules of TitanTrade withdrawals.

In addition, it may take up to five business days for the money to reach you account once your request has been processed, but a VIP account can significantly speed things up here, as it offers a 24 hour wire transfer service. It’s safe to say that TitanTrade withdrawal methods are fast, safe and efficient.  

TitanTrade Withdrawal | Conclusion

With more than five years in the financial sector, TitanTrade is one of the more experienced binary options brokers you can find. They emphasize security and go to great lengths to provide all of their clients with a carefree trading experience. Among the verifications TitanTrade has from many reputable credit card companies, the one made by American Express probably stands out the most as this is not a very common occurrence in the binary options world. Speaking of verifications, you will have to go through one yourself before being able to withdraw any funds from your account. This process is obligatory with all serious brokers and TitanTrade even does it much more thoroughly than any other company. The final features we’ve covered, the minimum amount and fees, are well within the industry’s standards. Minimum amount required to make a withdrawal is $100 which is pretty average, if not even below average in this business. The fees are nonexistent if you decide to use your credit card to make the withdrawal, and the first transaction of this kind is also free if you use the wire transfer. In any case, we have found nothing wrong whatsoever with TitanTrade withdrawals and you can certainly count on a great service if you decide to make them your new broker.


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