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This time, we have something very special indeed. Yes, we will be talking about binary options once again, but our focus will not be on a brokerage company. Instead, we will be taking a look at a specialized social platform designed to help traders exchange and implement reliable signals. Yes, here you can contact and follow people from all over the world if you want to see what the secret of their success is. But this is just the beginning – the list of options and benefits you can reach on this website is quite long and impressive, which means there will be plenty of material for our review. Depending on the role you choose here, you can start earning from this site alone. Stay with us, keep reading and get a completely new perspective on this popular type of trading. Let’s get going!


OK, so before we start our analysis for real, we thought it would be good to start the review by explaining what this platform is exactly. You see, everything revolves around trading signals here – you can create and sell your own, or you can buy signals from traders you deem worthy of following. Of course, you will then be able to act according to those signals in no time at all, but it is important to mention that the company running this site is NOT a broker, meaning they are not interested in whether you win or lose. They only care about providing a great service and making sure you always get what you came for. This also means that there is no direct trading involved here. Naturally, you will be able to navigate from this website to your trading account once you have the signals you need (and very quickly, we may add) and continue on with making a profit. Think of this website as a place where everyone meets to exchange opinions and information to help others, but to their own financial benefit, too. In fact, the website itself states that it can be considered as “eToro of binary options trading”. You will see very soon what they mean by that because there really is a lot of interesting stuff to go through, so strap yourself in because this review is taking off. Home Page Home Page

Register in five easy steps

Obviously, before you can start doing anything here, you will need to get yourself a live account. There are five steps you need to complete before you can start using everything this platform has to offer, but the process is very quick and smooth, so it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to wrap things up. Everything is completely free and safe, as stated in our Scam Test, and there is absolutely no reason to worry about any problems popping up. There are no account packages you can usually see on standard brokers’ websites, but you will have to choose between one of two main account types (more on those in just a bit). Depending on what you choose, remember that you may need to have a Skrill or PayPal account from or to which your transactions will have to be made. So, before creating an account here, make sure you have one on one of those two websites. Once we clarify why you need those particular money transfer methods, things will become much clearer. Therefore, let’s move on to the next part of our review. Copier Account

Like we said, there are two account types you can choose between, so it’s only fair that we dedicate a significant chunk of this text to them. Now, first you have the Copier account. You will be able to select the account type you want in the second step of your account creation process, and if you choose this one, you will be the one who receives signals and copies other traders. You will not appear on the leaderboard, but you will be able to follow whoever interests you. You can personalize the profile of your Copier account to a degree, but don’t forget that some information in the account creation process may have to be verified later on, so don’t make up stuff. You have the option of displaying your nickname alone, which should be more than enough to protect your identity. Naturally, all sensitive information is hidden from other traders here. Once you have set everything up, head to the leaderboard and see which trader suits you best. You can see how successful each of them was in a particular time period and sort them out according to profitability, win ratio and many other parameters. If a trader interests you, you have two options – you can copy each trade they make (this means that you actually open a trade automatically with the same parameters the copied trader chooses) or you can follow them (this way, you only get the signal from them and do not actually open a trade). This latter option is very interesting and is vital for the next account type we have to analyse in this review. Don’t go away! Copier Copier Provider Account

If you think of yourself as a seasoned trader, this account type is something you simply can’t afford to miss. And we mean that literally because there is also a possibility to earn profit if you opt for it! Provider account allows you to send out signals to people with the account described in the previous part of this text. However, there is a catch – each provider can put a price on their signals! Of course, you can also do the whole thing for free, but determining a price is what this platform is all about. If you prove to be successful and people pick up on your tips, you could very soon create a steady income for yourself. This is where the Skrill and PayPal accounts we mentioned earlier come into play. The company running the show here will pay you your share once a month (that’s how long someone can copy you once they pay the required amount). You set the price during the account creation process (step 3) and are free to choose whatever price you want. Then it’s up to Copier accounts to choose whether or not they want to follow you.
That’s right, we did say that you get a share of the price people pay for your signals. Your Provider account will get you 50% of the amount you set for people to pay. 25% goes to the affiliate, i.e. to the one who brings in a paying client, while the last quarter goes to the website itself to help cover maintenance costs and other such things. The thing is, you can be an affiliate yourself, so if you manage to bring in a client who will copy or follow your signals, you will get 75% of the amount. Therefore, if you manage to make a name for yourself on this platform, you’ll have a chance to earn a pretty penny. But we’re not done yet – more tantalizing features are coming up in this review. Provider Provider app?

In order to help you be more efficient, the company is currently developing a special app. The product should be completely free, as all other trading apps are, plus it will be available on both Google Play and the App Store. The thing is, app is not finished yet, but the good news is that there is an alternative. If you want to stay in touch with other traders on this website while not in front of your computer, download the Pushover Notifications app and you will be notified every time somebody you copy or follow releases a signal. That’s really a great substitution for the official app, but the thing here is that you get a 7-day trial for free. You will have to make a purchase (4.99$, in-app) after that if you want to keep using this. Hopefully, the real app will resolve this once it comes out, but until then this seems like a decent enough solution. Besides, the price of this app is really not that big. In any case, we’ll have to be patient a bit more for the real thing, but fortunately there is still much more we have to discuss. Read on and keep learning. App App


Traders often have questions about the website they’re on, so the importance of support is pretty big in this industry. How does support work? Very well, actually. The thing is, these people have decided to lay absolutely everything in front of you, which means there is a huge amount of information for you to read about every single aspect of this website. All policies are just a click away, each account type has several pages on how to use it properly and all information about signal providers is pretty detailed, too. We loved the fact that the instructions are particularly detailed when it comes to downloading and installing a new piece of software, so you really should have no problems setting everything up. You even have the current total win rate of all the signals issued here in the website’s main page! If you do ever want or need to talk to someone, however, just head to the button in the lower right part of your screen. By clicking on it you will be able to send the support team an e-mail which will be answered rather quickly and in a straightforward manner. In short, everything you need to do or download comes with detailed instructions, plus you can contact the team if you have any questions. There really isn’t anything more we could ask from support, so let’s turn to what makes this website tick, then. 

Technical background

OK, so we will now take a look at the technical side of things. Given that the business model of this website revolves around enabling people to exchange signals and trading tips for binary options, things have to move very quickly very often. With their servers placed all over the world, this company ensures that every signal will reach its destination as quickly as humanly possible. But this is just the first step. Once you receive these signals, they will automatically be transferred from your account to your live account. In other words, once you find the trader you want to copy, you essentially don’t have to do a thing. They make an investment, and moments later that same investment is made for you from your account. Keep in mind that it’s EXACTLY the same, meaning the same amount will be invested, so if you don’t want that, you may want to follow that person instead because that way you will simply be notified of the trade. This way you’re able to set other parameters on your own. The platform boasts 99.9% efficiency when it comes to delivering signals and opening trades in your stead like this. That 0.1% are the cases when your broker is unable to open a trade for you, be it due to specific market conditions or something else entirely. In any case, we have seen for ourselves that everything works perfectly. Never did our signals come late and there were no other problems at all, so we can conclude that the technology behind this website is doing its job perfectly. However, there is one more amazing thing it can do. How It Works How It Works API

If you know anything about programming, anything at all, API is something you simply have to check out. This is a feature that allows you to send your signals from a variety of different types of trading software or languages. The only condition is that they are able to make a HTTP call. Examples include MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, NinjaTrader, Matlab and many more. For each of them, you will find detailed instructions on the API page of the platform’s website.
In worst cases, you will have to input a few lines of code (which are readily available on the website), and then you will be able to automate indicators, check your balance and see the success rate of your trades. Not bad, huh? You may also need to download an archive of code examples and functions, but the link is also on the API page and works absolutely fine. No problems, whatsoever.
Finally, if all of this seems too complicated to you, but you’d still like to make the most of this feature, just contact the company’s support and they’ll set everything up for you in a jiffy. How’s that for excellent service! SAS NEUTRINO has more than enough specialized people to help you in this regard, which is absolutely fantastic and another proof of how much thought has gone into the support here. And even that is not everything we have to say when it comes to technical side of trading here. There is one more important aspect you need to be aware of. API API extension

Yes, the extension. This tiny piece of software will need to be downloaded to your computer (and your Google Chrome internet browser, obviously), but only if you have a Copier account. It is not necessary for Provider accounts. Thanks to this extension, you will be constantly connected to your providers and receive signals from them in real time. The product can be downloaded from Chrome’s webstore for free, but you will need your username and password to log into it, so make sure you create your account first. And that’s pretty much everything you have to do! The extension will take it from there, so you only have to keep adding the providers you like to your list. Another way you can use extension is if you decide to invest in a Windows VPS. Once again, you will find detailed instructions on the website on how to set everything up.
The reason Provider accounts don’t need the extension is because they can issue their trading signals in other ways. There’s the aforementioned API, but you can also use Webtrader, so you have plenty of options to stay in touch with your “fans”. Of course, you can download the extension even if you are a provider. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you do so because it keeps your trading history data up to date and easily accessible. With that, we have only one more thing to discuss in this review, but it may very well be the most important one. Read on!

So, like we said, all signals you receive here can be immediately transferred to your trading account and trades can be opened in accordance with them. And here is where we come to the only true limitation this platform imposes on its users – you have to have an account with Now, we already have a Review up on our website, so feel free to take a look and learn all about it. We honestly believe they are a good broker because they have some very interesting features in their arsenal and very low financial requirements which makes opening an account with them pretty easy and a pretty enticing idea. That being said, it’s really too bad that you are limited to this one broker because we’re sure many more people would love to participate here if their accounts were accepted. As it stands, however, SAS NEUTRINO is not planning to change its business model anytime soon, so opening an account with is your only option. We repeat, there is nothing wrong with that per se, since this is an experienced brokerage company, but some other options wouldn’t go amiss. Still, that can’t take away from the fact that this platform is well designed, popular and easy to use, so probably the best course of action for us right now is to give you a short summary before we end the article. Home Page Home Page


After all this, there is no other way to end this review but on a positive note. This fairly large community of traders is sending out trading signals day and night, and it’s up to you to make the most of them. You can create a Copier account if you want just to receive the tips, or you can open a Provider account and send out signals yourselves if you think you’ve got what it takes. The best thing about choosing this account type is that you can actually earn while providing signals because you are allowed to put a price tag on your tips. That’s something that makes this website stand out and gives successful traders another way of securing an income. No wonder the number of traders here is about 20,000. Everything else also works smoothly, as the support is always readily available, and every piece of information you need to know is thoroughly explained on the website. The process of opening an account is simple and straightforward, plus the technical side of things works flawlessly. We just hope the official app comes soon, though, so that people can switch from using Pushover to a free alternative. Apart from that, the only thing that can be an obstacle to you signing up here is the fact that you have to have a Binary,com account. Nevertheless, if you want to join a huge and vibrant trading community that’s completely dedicated to binary options trading signals, open an account here right away!

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