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Although they are not among the biggest platforms in the world, has been around for quite some time. Several years, in fact. However, we are aware that not too many people are familiar with them, which is a shame because they are doing a pretty good job. Based in France, they are actually a social network designed for trading binary options signals. Sounds interesting, right? It is, and it’s also completely legit. To show you that, we decided to conduct this scam test in which we will show you exactly what kind of security you can count on. Like we said, the company has been around for quite some time, so the results should be pretty positive. Read on to see if that’s really the case.

No conflict of interest

Like we said, this is a social network. What does that mean? Well, it means that you’re not dealing with a standard broker here, but a place that simply directs your orders to your trading account based on the signals you receive. This also means that the company in charge of things here (SAS NEUTRINO) has absolutely no stake in the outcome of your trades. It also means that there can be no conflict of interest, since the whole point of this platform is the exchange of trading signals between traders. You can send out or receive signals, and the system works really well, as far as we could see. Everything is very simple to manage, with the signals being extremely easy to implement. So, there is definitely no scam in the way this website works. Home Page Home Page

Prizes as a proof against scam

You can learn much more about the intricacies of this website in our Review 2018, but we would like to draw your attention to several other facts which speak about its legitimacy. First of all, has already received several prizes for the way they conduct their business. Therefore, it has been recognized by the community as a reliable partner. This is further supported by the fact that almost 20,000 people are using this platform at the moment. We would also like to mention that all risks of this type of investing are clearly stated on the website’s main page, so there are no traces of people here trying to trick you into a scam. Everything is thoroughly explained, plus you can always contact the reliable support team should you need further clarification. To us, things seem to be just fine. App App


In the end, we found no traces of a scam. Everything works as it’s supposed to, and the trading community has recognized that. We repeat, this is NOT a binary options broker, but simply a place where people can issue and receive trading signals from many different sources. The fact that this place has been operating for years now also says a lot, but when you add prizes to all of that the picture becomes complete. If you want to provide or receive trading tips, maybe even earn something in the process, this is the best place to do it. Open an account now and get connected with the community!

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Author: Ben Prescott

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