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TradeATF Broker ReviewWe have another broker on the market! The name’s Global TradeATF and it is operated by Bayline Trading Ltd, a leading online broker. So naturally, we had to go in by ourselves and take a look at this company. It was quite an interesting experience, and there were many interesting features to explore, but finally we are ready to present you with this extensive Global TradeATF Review. As always, you can expect to find all the most important info about the company here, so just keep on reading. Let’s go!

What is Global TradeATF?

Well, let’s give these guys a bit of background first. As already mentioned, the company that operates Global TradeATF is Bayline Trading Ltd incorporated in Belize IBC Number 136,374 and licensed by International Financial Services Commission (“IFSC”) under authorization number IFSC/60/322/TS/19.

Before we move on, though, we have to say that Global TradeATF is dedicated to CFD trading and that it has quite a selection of assets to offer. More than 250 of them in total at the moment we’re writing this, including stocks, indices, metals, commodities, forex and even cryptocurrencies. It may interest you that in this latter section you have more than 30 pairs of virtual coins juxtaposed to standard currencies like GBP, USD, EUR etc. But no matter which category you choose, cryptocurrency or otherwise, you can be certain you will have plenty of investment choices. Not only that, but you will be trading on a great platform, but that’s the second topic we need to cover in this Global TradeATF Review.

TradeATF home

Global TradeATF Trading Platform

Obviously, trading platforms are vital for your trading experience when it comes to this type of websites, and Global TradeATF didn’t want to mess around with that. This is evident from the choice of their trading software, which turned out to be what is probably the most popular and most reliable software around – MetaTrader 4. More experienced traders among you will know full well what that means, and for those of you who are new to the trading world, just a few notes. MT4 works flawlessly, provides reliable and instant data and has a whole bunch of tools you can use to make your trading predictions. In short, trading platforms don’t get much better than this.

There are actually two Global TradeATF trading platforms based on MetaTrader 4 software you can use – the Webtrader and the desktop version. They are both so incredibly quick, as safe as possible and so precise that you’ll never even think of using another platform.

Finally, in the section dedicated to trading platforms on the broker’s website, you can also choose the Global TradeATF app. This too is based on MT4 software and can be downloaded for free for both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, when it comes to your trading environment on this website, you will get something tested, convenient and comfortable to use. A great start to our review, but we have more to cover.

Global Trade ATF Accounts

As is customary in this industry, you get to choose between several account packages, each tailored to cater to certain types of traders. In this case, there are three main Global TradeATF account types to choose from: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver is your basic account, designed for clients without prior experience or for those who would like to take trading slowly, with its most notable feature being that you can get a minimum spread of 0.065 and leverage up to 1:200 (this leverage is available for professional clients only) with it. As far as accounts go, that’s all pretty solid. Gold accounts (0.045 min. spread) take things up a notch. Well, more than a notch because the leverage here can go up to 1:400 (this leverage is available for professional clients only) and you can get a swap discount of up to 25%. The Platinum account increases that discount to 50% and offers by far the lowest spreads (0.025), while at the same time keeping the maximum leverage up to 1:500 (this leverage is available for professional clients only). It should be noted that all of these Global TradeATF account types have an Islamic version too, so traders of that particular religion can have their accounts adjusted.

TradeATF accounts

Global TradeATF Professional Trading Account

If you’re a real trading professional, you should consider going for Global TradeATF’s Professional Trading Account. Not only will it provide you with the lowest possible spreads and a margin call of 100% (15% stop out), but it will also give you a dedicated account manager, protect you from negative balance, and has lower margin requirements. So, it has a lot going for it.

However, in order to be able to open a Global TradeATF Professional Trading Account, you will have to meet certain requirements. Not everyone can get this treatment, and you have to apply and be approved for this account type first. For example, you will have to be able to prove that you’ve spent at least a year as a professional in the financial industry, that you have a big enough portfolio or that you have been placing frequent (and big enough) trades over the last year. So, it’s not for everyone. If you decide to choose a Professional Trading Account, you need to know that you will not be protected by the Investment Compensation Fund. But since we’re on the topic of finances, let’s continue our Global TradeATF Review in a similar tone. 

TradeATF professional accounts

Global TradeATF deposit

When discussing accounts, the discussion will inevitably lead to the financial side of things, namely deposits and withdrawals. When it comes to Global TradeATF deposit, things are fairly solid and very much what you’d expect in the industry nowadays. First and foremost, there are no charges and extra fees for depositing here.

As far as the Global TradeATF minimum deposit is concerned, it stands at 100 GBP/USD/EUR, which is a significantly lower account than many other brokers will ask of you. Often, you will have to deposit at least 250 USD to open an account, so it’s easy to see that the minimum deposit of Global TradeATF makes the company much more accessible. As you can also see from this, there are three currencies your account can operate in.

Of course, you will want to know which deposit methods you can use. Here too the broker continues to choose only verified and tested methods, so you can fund your account with Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards, as well as through bank transfers or Skrill and Neteller online payment systems. Again, fairly standard in the industry, and every method works just fine, so we can move this Global TradeATF Review along.

TradeATF trading

Global TradeATF Withdrawal

Obviously, eventually, you’ll want to get your funds back and you want to be sure how to get it. So, here are all the details of the Global TradeATF withdrawal process.

First of all, your withdrawal requests will be processed within one day, which is excellent. Furthermore, there are some conditions that have to be met in order for the withdrawal to go smoothly. Obviously, you have to have enough funds in your account balance, but you also have to 100% of free margin available. Naturally, the name on your trading account and the name on the account you’re withdrawing to have to match, as well. If you decide to withdraw via a debit or a credit card, however, note that the amount transferred there cannot be higher than what you deposited through that same card. The profit will be sent to you via wire transfer.

Finally, while there is no minimum Global TradeATF withdrawal requirement, you may want to refrain from withdrawing small amounts because the broker may apply a fee of 50 EUR if you’re withdrawing less than 100 EUR or if you’re withdrawing without having done any trading or you had insignificant (only one trade was open) trading activity. Other than that, there are no fees to worry about.

Global TradeATF Support

After all of this, we have to discuss the level of support you can get from the broker, something that is in our opinion a big plus for the company. You see, not only do you have the option of contacting them via live chat, but you also have the option to contact the broker’s management to discuss various issues with them. You can do that through a contact form or an e-mail, and they even encourage you to get in touch and suggest ways to improve the website. Commendable!

Apart from that, Global TradeATF has also invested a lot into the education their traders can get. There are videos on demand, e-books, tutorials and even courses you can take to expand your trading knowledge. The videos are actually quite numerous and sorted into categories, so you can cover a lot of ground with them in a short period. But what really struck us as unique here is the fact that, in addition to the standard economic calendar, they also offer a report season calendar. Not too many brokers do that, and every little piece of info helps when you want to trade, so it’s very nice to see this feature in the offer.   

Is Global TradeATF a scam?

After all that has been said in this Global TradeATF Review, the answer should be clear – no, Global TradeATF is not a scam. The payment methods are reliable and accompanied with high security measures, and we’ve never experienced a single problem when it came to transferring our money to and from our accounts. That’s not surprising, given the strong SSL encryption the website uses and the fact that it has MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa badges clearly displayed. Furthermore, the platform is as reliable as it can get, with MT4 delivering the very latest correct info in a fraction of a second. On top of that, the support functions as it’s supposed to.

Last but not least, the company running this broker already has their license, which means that Global TradeATF is automatically under regulatory surveillance. In short, you don’t have to worry about any foul play here.


You can see from every aspect of this broker’s offer that they’re relying on proven products to provide their traders with pleasant trading experience. This is best seen in their dedication to MetaTrader 4, which is the basis of their trading platforms. Additionally, they only accept proven payment methods and are generally a rock-solid option if you’re looking for a place to trade.
In addition to these more or less standard features, however, they will offer a special account for real trading professionals, an account for which you have to apply and then meet certain conditions before you can open it. Add to that the fact that the company also provides good support and is fully regulated, and you can see why we’re ending this Global TradeATF Review on a high note. Want a new yet reliable trading partner? Open an account here!

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