TradEqual Review 2016

TradEqual Broker Review 2016

TradEqual Broker Review 2016

The creators of TradEqual report that they looked carefully at other trading platforms and decided that it was time to take binary options trading to the next level. Based on their observations, they decided that the platform brokers often have too much power over traders and an agenda to make sure that traders cannot make too much profit and bankrupt the broker. Instead of trading against the broker, TradEqual decided to create an open market exchange where traders only trade against each other. Furthermore, to increase the transparency, they introduced a live chat room where traders could converse with their peers and discuss trends and ideas for trades.

But the most revolutionary aspect of TradEqual is the empowerment of traders to write their own binary options and list them on the trading page. You can choose the amount that you wish to risk when offering a new option, and you cannot lose more than the amount you invest. This means that you do not need to put down large amounts in order to trade options on TradEqual – as is often required of brokers in other marketplaces – but just enough to cover your exposure. Read all about it in this TradEqual review.


Let us start our TradEqual review with the most important feature. The broker describes its platform as an open exchange where individual traders can write binary options. They set the direction of the option – high or low – and nominate the payout and the risk capital, before uploading the new option to the platform. It appears on the trading board, and may be listed in Order Book, until it is fully purchased, and it is worth knowing that you can buy a portion of an option if you do not want to accept the full risk.

The Order Book lists the best three options that feature the largest payouts. Due to the competitive nature of other traders, and the unlimited payouts featured on TradEqual, you can expect to see much higher payouts being offered by traders on this platform as they compete to offer the most competitive options.  They will compete to have their option listed on top of the list by offering the highest payouts. Traders can also hype their options in discussions in the chat room.

TradEqual Writing Put Option

TradEqual Writing Put Option


It is important to mention in this TradEqual review that the broker has set transparency and openness as their watchwords, and they are fully compliant with all the relevant requirements. Their platform is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption, so your information is protected, and they also comply with the know-your-client requirements for trader credentials. Client money is held in segregated accounts and you can contact their customer service team at any time if you have any questions or concerns. You can learn much more about this in our TradEqual Scam Test.

With one trading account, TradEqual allows you to simultaneously write and buy binary options from traders in the network, without any limits. You control your options at all times, and you can choose to cancel them at any point before their expiry and before other trader bought them. But there are many other interesting things worth discussing in this TradEqual review, so stick with us a bit more.


We continue our TradEqual review with a look at the trading platform which allows traders to buy and sell options from four different markets – forex, commodities, indices and stocks. This is particularly helpful for online traders who do not have real-time access to these markets, and also for traders who do and wish to hedge their risk. For example, a forex trader who finds himself dangerously exposed to the movement of a particular currency pair can create a binary option for the opposite direction, so that if he loses money on the pair in one platform, he can recover his loss on TradEqual. 

There are no limits on the payouts that you can specify when you write a binary option, and there is no broker to take a cut of your payout.  The commission charged by TradEqual is 2% of the turnover of the trade, deducted from the account of the trader who correctly predicts the outcome and receives a payout.  This may be the writer of the option or its buyer. This means that traders who make no profit pay no commission – another revolutionary aspect of this platform.


One other thing worth mentioning in this TradEqual review is that it’s possible to earn over 80% return on the capital invested in a single trade. For example, if you successfully write and sell a binary option and the buyer receives an 80% ROI you earn 125% for creating the option. This potential ROI figure is significantly higher than most other platforms where you can only buy options created by the broker, making the profit potential on the TradEqual exchange truly limitless. Easy TradEqual Withdrawal will also help you enjoy trading here and TradEqual Bonus will also be at your disposal.

TradEqual Withdrawal Page

TradEqual Withdrawal Page


As we mentioned, having a chat room on the same platform where traders can buy from and sell options to one another adds an exciting social aspect to online trading and this will be the last part of our TradEqual review before we wrap things up. This is just one of the ways that the TradEqual exchange tries to replicate the potential interactions of a real-time exchange, by allowing traders to talk to one another directly without intermediaries or moderation. This creates an open and fair marketplace for social trading, where market commentators can become market makers, and individuals can test their theories and see the instant reactions of other traders to their suggestions. You can easily test everything out by opening a TradEqual Demo Account, so you will never have to take any unnecessary risks here. Prepare yourself for the challenges ahead and then start investing your real money.

TradEqual Call Option

TradEqual Call Option


There may be quiet times when there are fewer options on the trading floor, and busy times when market movements drive many traders to compete to offer the 3 most competitive options listed in the online Order Book. In any case we will end this TradEqual review on a very positive note, as we were very pleased with what saw.

Creating a new marketplace is an ambitious goal, and it may take time for some traders to get the hang of the selling game. This may give an initial advantage to those more experienced traders who understand the markets and can concentrate on learning how to succeed and make profits by selling binary options. We do not see the TradEqual platform as the best starting point for beginners, but as a secondary arena for advanced traders who know how to buy binary options and we hope this TradEqual review has explained why. This platform allows them to broaden their portfolios by creating and writing new options, particularly to hedge their risks in other markets. If you fit the description, open an account here now!


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