Trading predictions for 2018

Trading Predictions In 2018

Trading Predictions In 2018

Hello, our dear readers! Another year is drawing to a close, and it’s been quite a spectacular ride through the financial markets. The new US president has made some pretty bold (some would even say drastic) moves, bitcoin has absolutely exploded, and Brexit seems to be drawing near. All of these, and many other global events, influenced prices of countless stocks, indices, currencies and commodities. We did our best to keep you informed every step of the way, but now we have something slightly different for you. We are going to try to look at the future and give you our trading predictions for 2018. There will definitely be a lot to keep an eye on in the upcoming year, so let’s see if we can predict what will impact the financial markets the most. Read on!

Cryptocurrency trading predictions for 2018

The first thing we have to address here is the latest trading craze which has engulfed pretty much the whole world. We’re talking, of course, about cryptocurrencies, so our first trading predictions for 2018 will focus on that particular market. As you probably know, bitcoin broke the 17,000$ barrier recently, but what is interesting to note is the fact that many experts think this trend will last. As a matter of fact, they predict that bitcoin will grow well over 20,000$, which means you can still become a part of the latest trading revolution and profit from it handsomely. Another thing that will help this cryptocurrency in the long run is the fact that bitcoin futures have started to appear on financial markets in the US, which has sparked additional interest from investors and increased bitcoin’s legitimacy.
But the cryptocurrency market has a lot more potential, as many other coins are also on the rise. Things like Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash all deserve your attention, plus there are even more virtual currencies to consider. 2018 is going to be the year of cryptocurrency trading, of that there can be no doubt, and we will be there to guide your through the industry. But don’t forget to keep track of all major political and other events, either. There are many things to consider there as well, so we will move these trading predictions for 2018 into that realm. Things are about to get very interesting, so stay tuned.

Trading predictions for 2018 – US

We will now move on to the “real” world, more precisely to the US, and explore something that seems quite probable. US mid-term elections are scheduled for 2018, and it seems like the country could turn left dramatically. We have already seen some very strong indications of that, with the most extreme example being the fact that the Democrats have won the special election in Alabama of all places, a state that is probably the main stronghold of the Republican party. Alabama hasn’t had a Democratic senator in 25 years, which should tell you enough about the importance of this outcome, but there have also been other elections across the country in the last few months which have overwhelmingly gone to the left.
This is all because President Trump’s support is at an all-time low due to his numerous, let’s call them controversial statements and the lack of any palpable results of his administration. Many people, especially Republicans, are very disappointed, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if both houses of Congress see a change of majority. This will further impede Trump’s administration’s ability to get anything done, and the country could enter a period of stagnation. However, this is just the first of our trading predictions for 2018, so stick around and see what else we can expect in the next year.

Trading predictions for 2018 – China

From the US we now move to China. This huge country is seeing its economy grow at an impressive pace and is opening up to foreign investments. A good example is Google’s new AI research center, which will be located there. But it’s not like the Chinese are letting foreigners control everything. Oh no, they have some huge companies of their own, with Tencent leading the way. As a matter of fact, Tencent’s value is rising significantly and we see them rising even more in the next year. They are among top 5 companies in the world at the moment, with some experts even predicting that they could be number once 2018 is over. We won’t be so bold, but we will say that we see their growth continuing.
Additionally, yuan could become stronger against the dollar. This is primarily due to the fact that China is the biggest importer of crude oil in the world, something many big exporters (primarily Russia) have no problem with. This means that many powerful and oil-rich countries are happy to trade in yuan instead of the USD, which could have a huge impact on the world of trading in general. But we have other parts of the world to check out in these trading predictions for 2018 – you can probably guess that the EU is next. Keep reading!

Tencent Headquarters

Tencent Headquarters

Trading predictions for 2018 – Europe

Yes, 2018 is going to be an interesting year in Europe, too. By this, we primarily mean the conclusion of Brexit because the EU has set the end of the process to 30 March 2019, which means most of the negotiations should be concluded in the upcoming year. Brexit could cost the UK up to 50 billion euros, but that’s just the beginning of the consequences of this move. As soon as it became clear that the UK will indeed leave the EU, the GBP dropped significantly, and it is expected that the country’s growth will slow down dramatically. Therefore, in the long run, we would bet on the UK’s economy shrinking.
One other thing you have to keep an eye on in Europe next year are the parliamentary elections in Italy, which are supposed to happen early in the year. Euroscepticism is growing in that country as well, so the results could be of great importance for the Union. Another member-country with a less-than-friendly attitude towards established EU rules, principles and values could hurt the Union a lot. One more part of trading predictions for 2018 to go, don’t go away!

Trading predictions for 2018 – India

The final part of this article is reserved for India. This big country is projected to have a huge growth in following year, quite probably even above 7%, which would put it even ahead of China. India is also going through the process of digitalization of its economy, which should have some pretty positive effects on tax income. The country has been facing problems due to the introduction of Goods and Services Tax and the ban of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes, but most analysts agree this will become a thing of the past in the following year. Structural reforms and public investments are the main reasons for the country’s success, but some experts remain concerned when it comes to private investments which seem to be lagging behind. As a matter of fact, they have been dropping steadily since 2010 and now amount to just 30% of the country’s GDP. Corporate and banking sectors are the fields where this is felt the most. Despite that, most projections see India continuously growing on the economic front in the next few years, precisely because of the reforms that were implemented in the recent past. So, when thinking about investing into something connected to the Indian economy, make sure you check what the government’s stance towards your investment target is. With that, we will wrap up our trading predictions for 2018 in a short conclusion. Stay just a little more for a quick recap.

Recap of our trading predictions for 2018

As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year. Major financial powerhouses have a lot of work in front of them, and the cryptocurrency market is making its presence known. Will we see a shift in power in the United States and will that grind the country to a halt when it comes to new legislation? What will be the outcome of Brexit and how will that affect both the EU and the UK? Can we expect China to finally take the lead on a global scale? Is India going to continue growing at a staggering pace and is that growth sustainable if private investments are falling behind? We will learn that and much more in the next 365 days, but hopefully, our trading predictions for 2018 have given you an idea what to expect. Obviously, you mustn’t forget about the cryptocurrencies because this type of trading is only just starting to show its true potential. No matter which type of investing you choose, though, we will be there to provide you with the latest and most relevant information. You will know which broker or exchange you need to turn to for the best trading conditions. So, go ahead and make that step – we’ve got your back. Good luck and happy holidays!


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