uBinary Review

uBinray Broker Review

uBinray Broker Review

If you are looking for the big new thing in Binary Options trading, uBinary may just be it. But before we get carried away, let’s closely examine each different aspect of your potential new trading platform in this impartial uBinary review.

For anyone looking to invest in binary options and make money trading, uBinary offers the standard trading platform, with a few twists on the usual tools of the trade. For those new to trading binary options, uBinary offers a trading academy, and you can also read about the basics of trading and what binary options are. We’re counting on those of you reading our uBinary review to be familiar with this industry and looking for a quality broker and everything that comes with it, including high profits and trading signals.

uBinary Review | Platform Tools

The real winner of this uBinary review is their unique platform tools that aren’t matched anywhere else. The Flip, Buy Me Out and Buy Me Time tools have been developed in-house to not just match other brokerage firms, but to exceed the possibilities in trading binary options. Now, you experienced binary options traders may be thinking of the Close Early and Rollover tools as these are the closest in function to the Buy Me Out and Buy Me Time uBinary tools. Whilst being able to close out a trade early if you see your prediction is off the mark, or being able to switch to a more profitable looking asset to trade on should the fancy take you is standard practice across binary options trading platforms, uBinary’s Buy Me Out has that extra bit of glamor by being 1 of the “holy trilogy” of binary options tools. The second in the uBinary trilogy is the Buy Me Time. uBinary’s Buy Me Time feature is, in nature, similar to the Rollover of old, however, with new and improved functionality and straightforward costs and potential return on investments shown up front. No fuss, just fortune smiling on you for longer!

However, in our uBinary review the jewel in the crown is The Flip. This innovative binary options platform tool is not only exclusive to uBinary, it has also never been seen before in the world of online trading. Simply put, The Flip lets you change your mind, even if you have already committed to an investment. Even in the middle of an investment, you can decide you predicted incorrectly and you believe the Above option you chose on Gold is, in fact, going to end the trade Below. Just click on uBinary’s Flip option and change direction. If only this tool worked elsewhere in life!               

So there you have it, a fresh and overhaul of the usual basic binary options tools, made good on and innovated by uBinary’s team.

High Yield

uBinary Review | Account Options

What would our uBinary review be without a look at the account options available to new traders to the platform? There are 5 different trading account types, covering a wide base to suit every type of trader. There’s the very basic Micro account, which is a good starting point for someone new to trading binary options. You can begin investing in the market for as little as $20 a trade and you can receive a 30% bonus. uBinary brokers recommend discussing whether to add bonus money to your account with them, as part of your trading strategy. All accounts offer varying lengths of free signals and unlimited, ongoing free training. Trader protection insurance comes as standard with all trading plans and payouts start from 70%. If you take a step up, you get the Mini account which gives you access to the unique uBinary trading tools at the same $20 minimum trade amount.  

In this uBinary review we will concentrate on looking at the top two tier account plans, which are in place for investors of volume trading.

The Gold account will mean you start your trade stakes at $150 minimum, you get a personal broker for unlimited trade signals and your profits are 90% return on investment. Platinum is for those who are really going to make a difference in their trading accounts – $250 minimum stake and up to 95% return on investments.

uBinary Review | Customer Support and Service

It wouldn’t be a complete uBinary review without looking at the quality of customer support you’ll receive on this trading platform. Unbelievably there are still websites out there offering customer support via only email and telephone. Lucky for uBinary traders and potential clients, they offer Live Chat, available 24 hours a day. Any queries or issues are answered in top time and if it is necessary to be redirected to a different department, you are told and given a reasonable timeframe until someone will get back to you. Whilst it would be great to get an answer immediately, it is definitely preferable for someone in customer support answering you on a Sunday to ask you to wait with a withdrawal question until Monday, when someone in the finance department will be available to give you the correct information. This avoids being given the incorrect answer and makes sure that the right person is there to offer you the correct support. For those of you who don’t like typing and prefer to call, uBinary has a range of offices across the world so there should be a local number for you to call wherever you are too.

Account Types

uBinary Review | Withdrawals

As smooth as their platform, uBinary withdrawals are smooth and secure. Once it has been verified that it is the actual trader trying to access their profits, withdrawal takes no time at all. You’ll be waiting for your bank or payment method supplier more than uBinary when it comes to getting your money.

To review uBinary accurately, we have to admit that you will be asked to provide those verification documents, and obviously if you don’t have easy access to a scanner or photocopier, it may be a bit awkward at first to get them copies of what they need, but once on file, they’re there and you can withdraw without issue as much as you’d like without any hold up due to ID problems.

Withdrawal request on platform

uBinary Review | Summary

All in all, uBinary offers a tight platform with all the functionality you would expect from a successful trading platform and gives you some extras that you will simply not find elsewhere. You’ll not find the functionality of the uBinary trading tools, range of account types, combined with the customer service and easy, secure withdrawals in many other places. We highly recommend any savvy trader giving uBinary a go and, as their slogan goes – Make your money work! This uBinary review gets a stamp of approval from us.

uBinary Review | Website Review

uBinary Website Preview

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