uBinary Scam Test 2015

uBinray Scam Inspection

uBinray Scam Inspection

How to spot a binary options scam? This is a very important question for any trader in this industry to be able to answer. In this industry of binary options, scams are widespread and there are essential signs to keep an eye out for that to let you determine whether you’re entering into a uBinary scam or opening up a decent, profitable uBinary trading platform. Before we dive into recognizing a binary option scam, you need to be aware that not all binary options brokers were created equal. Like with most online industries, the promise of making a quick buck off the back of a successful new financial trend; such as the ever popular financial investment arena, is as easy as setting up a shiny new website with little information and a big DEPOSIT HERE button (directly into the owner/operators’ account). For the trusted, customer focused binary trading companies, these fly by night operations can give them a bad name, but there are methods you can take to identify whether you’re stepping into a uBinary scam. Let’s explore the main issues to look out for.

uBinary Scam Test 2015 | Withdrawal Options

When it comes to the most important indicator of whether a binary options trading platform is reputable or not, it’s all about being able to easily access your money. To withdraw your profits from your uBinary account is simple as. Sure, you’ll have to verify your identity, but once this is done, your money will appear in your bank account (or whichever payment method you have chosen) in the time it takes your bank to clear it.  

The customer support team are helpful and courteous, not to mention always on call, but we’ll speak more about them in a moment. You unfortunately cannot withdraw your bonus, as this is money uBinary gives you to trade with – the main purpose of a bonus is to help you learn how to trade with less risk to your own profit margins. No company would let you open an account, give you free money and then let you withdraw your money and the free bonus, so this is standard practice for any industry, let alone Binary Options trading.

Another catch to withdrawing your uBinary deposit and profits is that you will need to withdraw to the same payment method you used in the first place, but this also seems to be standard within the online industry, to make sure there is no fraud or identity theft occurring, as that would indeed constitute a uBinary scam!

Withdrawal request on platform

uBinary Scam Test 2015 | Customer Support Option

The trademark of a scam binary options trading platform, is the lack of an answer from Customer Support. A contact us page that is lacking, or not even present is a sure sign you’re in fishy waters. Luckily uBinary’s Contact Us page is brimming over with local numbers, email addresses for all issues and Live Chat where you can get an instant response.

Whilst uBinary’s Live Chat is available 24 hours a day, there are times when it is busy and you may have to wait for an operator. They also have one day when Live Chat isn’t available (Saturday). This does not mean that they are not a reputable company, just that everyone needs a day off! A scam broker will simply never have an available operator, if they have Live Chat at all and emails will never be auto replied to in order to let you know they have been received, let alone replied to so as to solve the issue at hand, or answer the enquiry, or address the issue at hand. 

They may have a phone number to call for help, but it is unlikely that it will ever reach a living person, unlike the uBinary scam contact phone number and details, which is a myth! uBinary will answer you within minutes if not seconds, and if it is a day of rest, they get back to you as soon as business opens again and trading starts!


uBinary Scam Test 2015 | Trading Platform Option

The least obvious way to see whether you could fall for a uBinary scam is the platform itself. Most binary options brokers use the same platform software, so you would not be able to tell if there were any issues as the trading platforms all look similar. However, uBinary has a unique in-house developed trading platform that gives a fresh look and feel, with clear terms and easy to use language.

Another clear sign of a dodgy platform is a lack of calendars, financial and economic, providing essential trading signals. uBinary has all the latest market information to keep traders in the loop and help them profit. A scam binary options company won’t care that their clients are informed, they will just be looking to take a traders money and will have no intention of investing it for them, or returning it. uBinary provides market signals and information to help clients make successful and profitable trades, therefore you can be assured uBinary is not a scam so far. In reality, you’d be hard pressed to find a uBinary scam here.

Deposit Screen

uBinary Scam Test 2015 | Summary

Avoiding the uBinary scam is easy, as the website clearly shows they are a reputable broker with a great platform to trade on, offering some innovative tools and an overall wonderful, profitable experience for traders. uBinary uses SSL technology, which is the same security measures as large websites like eBay and Amazon use when they accept deposits. Their website is https, that extra s means that unlike http websites, the site is extra safe to use.

Customer support are pretty much always available, there is a personal broker giving you daily market signals and analysts helping you learn how to trade too. Any scam company would not be contacting you after you deposited, so that is a sure indication that you’ll not find a uBinary scam here!

We say that the option to enter into a uBinary scam trade is just not available! Happy Investing Traders. Remember, “Make Your Money Work, for YOU!”


uBinary Scam Test 2015 | Website Preview

uBinary Website Preview

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