UK Options Review

UK Options Broker Review

UK Options Broker Review

There are literally hundreds of binary brokers in the burgeoning online investments industry. A few dozen of them are actually licensed. This UK Options review is aimed at providing potential customers with a comprehensive description of the company’s offerings.

Established in 2013 by a team of former investment house executives and high-tech experts, UK Options uses the SpotOption regulated platform to offer clients a safe and supportive environment for financial market investments.


UK Options clients can select from amongst four accounts – from beginner accounts to the exclusive VIP account with its $30,000 bonuses and proprietary debit card (which can be used for purchases from select outlets). For Islamic state residents, UK Options offers Islamic accounts, which are interest & swap free and offer an easy Hibah solution.

The platform can be accessed from all web browsers regardless of operating system. A mobile application also exists for Android and iPhone. And both can access the well-over 200 assets, which include forex pairs, shares, commodities and indices. The on-screen chart can be calibrated from 1 minute to 12 hours, offers a set of basic technical indicators and enables doubling-up, rolling over and early selling of options. Instruments in include 60-second, 1-touch, ladder and forex options – the last which includes the possibility of entering stop-loss and take-profit orders. The latter, by the way, may be more attractive to some forex traders, since – unlike forex brokers – it allows the trader to easily determine his/her leverage level for each trade.

UK Options is one of the pioneers in social trading, even going so far as to dedicate an entire segment of its training material to monetizing the wisdom of the masses. This new type of trading goes one step beyond auto-trading, which relies on computer-driven algorithms, and inserts the human element, i.e. following, copying and profiting from the trades of more experienced (and success-rated) investors; the advantage: computers can’t – as yet – read the news, and we are certainly witnessing a period in which markets react according to anything but computer-logic expectations.

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As mentioned, UK Options offers over 200 assets, most of them traded on major exchanges and some – especially forex pairs – available 24 hours a day. These include major shares, commodities, indices (when traded) and currency pairs. The company offers generous bonuses and sometimes even cash-back risk-free trades (especially for beginners). Payouts are on average 70% to 85% for regular options (call/put) and can easily hit the 3-figure mark for some ladder options. Deposits can be made using most major credit/debit cards, electronic wallets or wire transfers (Visa, MasterCard, Electron, Visa-Debit, Maestro, Neteller, Skrill & Cashu). Payments are executed within 5 working days (7 for wire transfers).


The writer of this UK Options review would like to pay special attention to the UK Options trading academy, especially the relatively frequent (compared to other companies) webinars and extremely user-friendly tutorials. Topics are far and wide, catering to both novices and salted veterans – trends, Bollinger bands, risk management, even social trading. The tutorials look more like infograms, but they are instantaneously accessible and provide all the important information succinctly. The webinars, although hosted by the company’s chief analyst and a world-renowned authority, are easy to understand, and the host has no reservations about reiterating an issue several times until it is comprehensively understood by all attendees. The reason for this focus is that, through its educational tools, UK Options review readers can easily discern that the company is interested in having educated clients rather than wild rodeo riders. For at the end of the day, only through education and information can the growing transparency of financial markets be monetized by individual, non-professional investors.



Another feature that distinguishes UK Options from many other companies is the 24/7 multi-lingual support. Questions are swiftly handled and forwarded to their proper addressee. Patience is a guiding principal, and hardly an issue arises that isn’t quite quickly resolved to the satisfaction of the clients. All support staff radiate a famly-like friendliness that seems it possible resonates throughout the company offices, as well, amidst a surprising level of market savviness and professionalism.


There is little doubt in this reviewer’s mind that UK Options takes security and the law very seriously indeed. The company does not wait for a withdrawal to be requested, then to be delayed due to the lack of compliance materials. Here, an account will be locked out within a week if the investor does not forward the required paperwork. They will even refuse a deposit under these circumstances. Financial transactions are 64-bit encrypted, commission free and executed with the utmost speed. User funds are held in segregated accounts, off book insofar as the company’s running accounts are concerned. And compliance with anti-laundering and other state regulations is ultra-strict – in short: zero tolerance for even a hint of fraud or evasion.

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No review is complete without feedback. And of this there is a lot.

Appealing mainly to Western Europeans and other English speaking countries (yes, this is a tell: if the client is actively seeking non-English speaking clients, you should beware of its transparency). The amount of feedback UK Options receives is staggering. An in-house, proprietary mail system (they built it from the ground up) channels nearly each issue to the correct addressee and these are usually dealt with efficiently and swiftly. Perusing some of these requests, very few are along the lines of “where’s my money”. Most are actually constructive criticisms or downright expressions of gratitude. And since the company is a relative newcomer, nearly each of these is seen as an opportunity to grow.

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Amidst an ocean of online brokers, UK Options is one of those few that is doing its utmost to promote Binary Options beyond the gaming world and into the quickly emerging virtual marketplace – alongside online currencies, digital wallets, crowd sourcing and that entire realm that is rapidly beginning to show signs of offering a viable alternative to the scandal-ridden dominion called traditional financial markets. Of course, being an industry in its diapers, for now the primary way of determining whether a company should host one’s savings is to read the reviews and test the waters with caution – at least in the online financial world, almost everything is transparent and, thanks to immediately published feedback, a dishonest broker cannot last long. We expect UK Options to be around for quite some time.





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