Which broker has the lowest minimum trade?


The Lowest Minimum Trade Review

The Lowest Minimum Trade

Online trading has never been able to provide so many options as it does today with unlimited choices and multiple earning opportunities and results in as little as sixty seconds. Not only that, but you can invest long-term and for as little as $1. For traders who want to make small investments in online trading, there are multiple options to choose from, depending on the amount each trader is comfortable with. But for them and for others who like to use small amounts of trades on a larger set of trades to increase their chances of winning, one broker stands out. Read on and discover which one it is!

The Lowest Minimum Trade

When it comes to low minimum trades, IQ Option takes the cake. After all, if you know anything about the online trading market, you know that this company’s financial requirements is what has made it the powerhouse that it is today. Not only do they stay on top of all the latest developments in the trading world and allow traders to invest in all sorts of intriguing assets (read about all of that in our IQ Option Review 2020), but they also allow people to do so with just one dollar. That’s right, you can open a trade with IQ Option for just $1! Simply put, you will not find a lower threshold anywhere else – this is the lowest amount a broker can ask from you and IQ Option has made the most of it. 


The Lowest Minimum Deposit

But wait, we hear you say, what good is the lowest minimum trade to me if the minimum deposit is high? A reasonable question. While there have been brokers on the market which offered $1 minimum trades BUT with minimum deposits of at least 200$, IQ Option is not one of them. They will ask for only 10$ as a minimum deposit, which means online trading becomes accessible to pretty much everyone! Not to mention the fact that IQ Option demo account is absolutely free and does not even require you to create an account.

IQ Option Deposit

IQ Option Deposit

On top of all that, IQ Option has the lowest minimum withdrawal requirements, too! You can transfer the money to your account starting with just $2, which is something very few companies can even come close to. As you can see, when it comes to numbers, especially to low financial requirements, IQ Option is most certainly the company to beat in the online trading industry at the moment.


While there certainly are many brokers today out there offering various interesting services, if you’re looking for a way to enter the market with little to no financial risk, there is only one choice – IQ Option. With the minimum deposit set to 10 dollars, minimum withdrawal to two and minimum trade requirement at just one dollar, they are so far unmatched by the competition. Therefore, if you want to start slowly and see how your online trading adventure will unfold, but without any significant risk, this is the broker you want to open an account with!

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Author: Mark Watson

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