ZoomTrader Complaints

Review of ZoomTrader Complaints

ZoomTrader Complaints

When you are dealing with money it is impossible to make everyone happy. At ZoomTrader they sure try. So how do they handle complaints? Quite well. We tested them out to see.

Nearly anyone will tell you that an ounce of prevention is equal to a pound of cure and ZoomTrader takes this approach when it comes to ZoomTrader complaints. The main way that ZoomTrader handles complaints is to avoid them in the first place or to resolve them as quickly as possible. They really want to make sure that there is nothing to complain about from the get go and they work hard to achieve this. The customer service team is responsive and patient. But the binary options giant also understands that sometimes a customer might be frustrated and they do their best to keep everyone calm and organized. The customer support personnel are professionals and it shows in the way they assist every customer with patience and respect.

ZoomTrader complaints | Placing Complaints

Ideally, the first place to go with a complaint is to take it up with your personal account manager. ZoomTrader understands that you may have misplaced your account manager’s contact information and they have several ways to get you in touch. Your personal account manager knows everything about your account and has insight to your case so that he can solve whatever problems you are having most efficiently. This broker really cares about their customer’s experience and satisfaction and, as proven by our ZoomTrader Scam Test 2016, is completely legit.

Zoom Trader Trading Platform

ZoomTrader Trading Platform

ZoomTrader complaints | Alterative

If you can’t find your account manager’s contact details you can try the email the support team, contact one of the live-chat support agents or even call the office. Each of those methods will get you to someone who can help you resolve your complaint or get you to your account manager to resolve your issue. Like we said before the reason your personal account manager is the best person to help you is because he knows all the specifics of your account.

ZoomTrader complaints | Personal Approach

Your account manager will work hard to make sure your problems are resolved in the quickest manner possible. They have account managers who speak all five of the platform’s languages at a native level specifically to provide traders with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are understood. Most of the time problems are caused by some small technical issue or maybe a minor miscommunication. Just having native-level speakers fixes over half the potential problems and sets traders at ease if they ever do need to talk to someone about an issue. ZoomTrader’s crack tech support team is there for those minor issues that may happen from time to time. And, as seen in our ZoomTrader Review 2016, that’s not everything this broker has to offer.

ZoomTrader complaints | Technical Support

For any small technical issues, your account manager is the one to talk to again. For some very small issues the support and live-chat personnel can help as well, but not much beyond suggesting a browser reset. Your account manager has a direct line to ZoomTrader’s platform support people and can contact them in a snap and get an answer. ZoomTrader does all their own in-house programming and your account manager has access to those programmers.

ZoomTrader complaints | Financial Support

It’s the same situation with ZoomTrader’s in-house finance staff. Your account manager is your liaison when it comes to questions about your deposits or how to submit your identity-verification documents. He can give you several options for every problem. Sometimes different countries have different rules and that is another reason why your personal account manager is the expert just for you, he will know right away what you need because your account manager is also an expert in you.

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