Scam Inspection | Is ZoomTrader Scam Broker?

ZoomTrader Scam Inspection

ZoomTrader Scam Inspection

ZoomTrader is one of the oldest and most-respected Binary Options trading platforms in the world. With that being said, there are a lot of questions floating around about ZoomTrader. The Binary Options industry is just like any other financial product, people are always suspicious because it is impossible to make everyone happy when you are dealing with money. Add to that the fact that it is very hard to be a trendsetter and stay a pioneer in almost any field and there will always be rumors and speculation. All these might put up a question in your head: Is ZoomTrader Scam Broker?

ZoomTrader Scam Inspection | Quality

We received some inquiries from new traders about whether ZoomTrader scam rumors are true and that is one of the reasons why we decided to review the platform for our readers through our ZoomTrader Scam Test 2016. We decided to take a two-pronged approach when researching any possible ZoomTrader scam behaviour. The first course of action was to have our experts deposit and start trading with ZoomTrader to check the quality of services and most importantly their trustworthiness. We concentrated our efforts on checking the withdrawal procedures and banking policies, too, just to be on the safe side. The second direction we took was to interview some of our readers who were actively trading with ZoomTrader, again we put the focus on banking and withdrawal procedures.

ZoomTrader Review Binary Options Broker

ZoomTrader Home Page

ZoomTrader Scam Inspection | Traders’ Feedback

Let’s start with the second one. We were very interested in successive withdrawals of profits and what the clients had to say. There were some negative and mostly positive reviews, so we decided that the basis of our scam inspection should be the tests we perform ourselves. We didn’t want to leave anything unclear. It is nothing unusual to receive mixed feedback from the traders about a particular broker because a whole lot of new brokers don’t get themselves informed about the details connected with this type of trading and when they make a mistake, they blame the broker and assume it is some kind of scam. The reality is that you need to prepare yourself thoroughly if you have no experience in this line of work. We have done a similar ZoomTrader Review 2016 which is also on our website for you to read.

Broker’s Performance

So how did ZoomTrader perform? Well, first of all, we managed to contact somebody from the support team and they gave us all the basic information we required. This all went on via live chat and it didn’t take a lot of time to get the operative’s attention. After that we went on to check how the account creation functions and also found no problems. The form is clear and easy to fill and once you do that, you will need to make the first deposit ($250 is the ZoomTrader Minimum Deposit). You will automatically be awarded a 50% bonus once you make your first deposit, but be warned that if you accept this bonus you will have to trade at least 40 times the amount of bonus before you can withdraw. This, however, can be easily sorted out if you contact the support team and tell them you don’t want the bonus and the gifted amount will very soon be removed from your account. The staff will always be there to help you, meaning that ZoomTrader scam rumours are untrue.

After these initial steps, it was time to check the trading platform itself and see if there were any tricks there.  The first thing you notice when you enter the traderoom is a huge number of assets available – from stocks and indices to currencies and commodities. Some of the best known corporations are listed here (Allianz, Adidas, Barclay’s, just to name a few) and you will surely find something that interests you. The trading platform offers accurate information for all of them and we saw no intention by the broker to manipulate it in any way. The offers expire at the arranged times and there are no attempts to prolong it in order to cheat an investor out of their money. There are also five trading modes available with 60 seconds, Range, One touch and Touch Up/Down next to your regular Call/Put options. Everything functioned flawlessly, so we can conclude that the offer, support and safety ZoomTrader provides its clients with are really very good. We have made a review of the ZoomTrader Platform itself, so feel free to check it out for more detailed information.

ZoomTrader Review Binary Options Broker

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ZoomTrader Scam Inspection | Results

We are very happy to announce that we did not find any issues, possible scams or complaints about any of ZoomTrader’s services. More importantly, all our profits were withdrawn in a timely fashion, without any hassles! Also, most our polled readers did not have anything negative to report about ZoomTrader, and they gave us very positive feedback. Those who did have negative comments turned out to be the traders who made some mistakes while they were trading and they lost money because of it. Their criticism was not at all constructive, but only angry and spiteful. Yet, they have only themselves to blame.

Looking at the numerous binary options brokers that are opening daily, it’s nearly impossible to choose the best one. From our experience with ZoomTrader, if you want to feel valued, respected and appreciated then ZoomTrader is the perfect broker for you. They are creatively designed to offer unique services and assistance from their knowledgeable and talented team. Their goal is to teach you how to trade and how to make money with Binary Options. You will have a private coach and if you like, your own personal broker who is ready to help you at any time you need. How or why could someone who is trying to scam you offer all these services for such a long time?

SAFETY WARNING: Due to some safety issues, ZoomTrader is currently not accepting new clients. Until this situation is resolved, we recommend trading with TradeInvest90. This exciting broker boasts a winning combination of advanced trading interface, various account packages, multiple banking methods and award-winning support team. Open a free trading account now and enjoy in your future trades!


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