ZoomTrader Scam Test Q4 2015

ZoomTrader Scam Test Q4 2015

ZoomTrader Scam Test Q4 2015

Founded in 2011, ZoomTrader quickly became well known in the binary options world for its impeccable service. Diverse offer and great support are the greatest strengths of this broker and these features have only been improving over the last four years. In this article, however, we want to discuss the security aspect of the platform in question and see what improvements, if any, have been made since this last test. When we talk to other traders, especially the inexperienced ones, security is always the main issue because people want to know their money is safe at all times. This is why we like to come back and check up on brokers such as this one – to make sure they are still at the top of their game and that the possibility of a ZoomTrader scam is non-existent. This is what they currently have to offer in that particular department.

ZoomTrader Scam Test Q4 2015 | Money transfers

First of all, we will look for any signs of ZoomTrader scam in the money transfer section. This seems like a natural place to start because, obviously, depositing and withdrawing your money are the most important processes for all traders in this business. The transfers can be made by using bank wires or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), but there is also a whole list of regional transfer methods which allow traders from all over the world quick and easy access to their money. As this list is constantly updated, we suggest you take a look at the broker’s website or ask your dedicated account manager to see if this kind of service is available in your country, but the one thing we can say is that all methods are 100% safe and reliable. As a matter of fact, ZoomTrader Withdrawal is now faster and smoother than ever before, whereas ZoomTrader Minimum Deposit is set at $200 and is therefore somewhat below the industry’s average. Both of these processes are secured by a 128-bit SSL encryption system, a tool used by all serious brokers on the market. This way both your personal and account information will be perfectly safe and there is absolutely no chance for any kind of ZoomTrader scam to happen.

Zoom Trader Trading Platform

Zoom Trader Trading Platform

ZoomTrader Scam Test Q4 2015 | Accounts and perks

So what exactly do you get once you deposit your money with this broker? Well, that depends on the type of ZoomTrader Account you have, as you can choose between four of them prior to your first deposit. The categories are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with the Silver one being the most popular choice at the moment. Each of these accounts, however, will bring you some kind of helpful tool designed to increase your profits. Weekly market reviews, video courses and trading strategies are all a part of the most basic account type (Bronze), but if you decide to choose a higher-tier one, you will, of course, have access to many other features.

ZoomTrader Review Binary Options Broker

ZoomTrader Home Page

Same day withdrawals, one-on-one trading sessions and dedicated account managers all have a role to play in your quest for profit, and these features can really increase the quality of your trading experience by a lot. Once again, we noticed no trace of any ZoomTrader scam, because all the perks performed as promised. We could always rely on these helpful tools during our time with this broker, and we strongly encourage you to do the same in order to earn more money.

ZoomTrader Scam Test Q4 2015 | Legal advice

A great proof that ZoomTrader scam simply cannot happen is the legal section of the website. There you will find numerous forms, conditions, licenses and all other legal instructions on how to do business with this company. Everything is updated regularly and clearly laid out in front of you, so there’s really nothing that could surprise you if you familiarize yourself with these documents.

Furthermore, the company is fully regulated and authorized to operate in every country of the European Union, meaning it has met all the strict requirements of the European Parliament’s MiFID directive. This protects traders from any kind of ZoomTrade scam because they have the EU backing them up every step of the way.

Zoom Trader Trading Platform

ZoomTrader Trading Platform

Another way of verifying that this platform doesn’t have a single ZoomTrade scam is by talking to the support team. When you start talking to them, you will immediately notice the quality of education these people have received because they really can offer thorough and helpful advice. As soon as you talk to them, you will realize that you are in the hands of a very professional company and all your fears will disperse momentarily. This is probably the part of the platform that has improved the most since our last visit because the service now seems much better coordinated and faster, so the overall impression is even better.

This, along with some new languages which have been added recently, shows us that ZoomTrader is always looking for a way to improve its offer and this is exactly the thing you want to see when choosing a new broker. Now that you’re convinced in the broker’s ultimate security, head over to ZoomTrader Review 2016 and discover numerous interesting advantages this broker gives to loyal clients.

ZoomTrader Scam Test Q4 2015 | Conclusion

All in all, there are plenty of reasons for you not to be afraid of a ZoomTrade scam – the service is monitored and maintained constantly, with frequent innovations being added all the time. But just by using common sense, you will easily realize that this company is a completely legitimate broker, since they have been on the market for more than four years now and have built up quite a reputation. If they were some sort of scam, the market would punish them very quickly. In other words, this broker simply has too much to lose if it allows a ZoomTrader scam to take place on their website. Both from a legal and from a technological perspective, all clients are extremely well protected at all times. So go ahead, give them a try if you haven’t done so already, and open an account with this broker – you will be protected by one of the best systems on the market.

SAFETY WARNING: Due to some safety issues, ZoomTrader is currently not accepting new clients. Until this situation is resolved, we recommend trading with TradeInvest90. This exciting broker boasts a winning combination of advanced trading interface, various account packages, multiple banking methods and award-winning support team. Open a free trading account now and enjoy in your future trades!


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