ZoomTrader Withdrawal Review

ZoomTrader Withdrawal Review

ZoomTrader Withdrawal

As you may have noticed ZoomTrader has a new look. There are big things happening at the binary options trading giant and all of it will make your life simpler and easier. At ZoomTrader they realize that not everyone like change so much, but they want to put your mind at ease. The customer service will still be the same excellent quality you’ve grown to love, but now the oldest binary options broker out there will give you even more power. Power you can use to grow your portfolio by leaps and bounds in 2015 – and beyond.

ZoomTrader Withdrawal Process

One of the things we get a lot of questions about, for any broker, is about ZoomTrader withdrawal process. How are withdrawals processed? How long will my withdrawal take? Where can I withdrawal to? These are all questions we get. It makes sense that people want to have quick, reliable access to their money. With ZoomTrader’s new platform, we put our crack team of testers on it to find out all of this and more about ZoomTrader withdrawal so you don’t have to waste a lot of your valuable time digging around for what might be one of your most important questions.

Zoom Trader Trading Platform

ZoomTrader Trading Platform

ZoomTrader withdrawal Review | What’s new?

The news was great, it hasn’t changed that much, if anything the process has become even easier. ZoomTrader has even incorporated more support for withdrawals into their platform overhaul so if you get lost help is just a few clicks away. On ZoomTrader’s old award-winning platform all you had to do was click the “Cashier” button at the top of the page and look to the bottom of the cashier section to select withdraw and then your money was on its way to you in 5 business days or less, usually instantly. Now, with ZoomTrader’s new platform withdrawing is a snap.

ZoomTrader withdrawal Review | Layout

The withdrawal process hasn’t really changed that much compared to the way it was before, as explained in our ZoomTrader Review 2016. Some of the buttons are just in a new place. Now the cashier page displays its tabs at the top of the page and they are much larger and easier to see. After you are there, it’s just as simple as before just complete the online steps to withdraw and your money will be on its way shortly.

Zoom Trader Trading Platform

Zoom Trader Trading Platform

ZoomTrader withdrawal Review | Bank information

It might be best to make sure that you have your bank account information nearby before you start the process. You’ll want to have the IBAN or Swift code for the bank account you want to withdraw to as well as all the other account information. That’s really all there is to ZoomTrader withdrawal process. As stated in this ZoomTrader Scam Test 2016 article, this broker will not try to rob you, so feel free to trade with them instantly.

ZoomTrader withdrawal Review | Conclusion

We found it to be a quick, painless process that didn’t take more than ten minutes. Transfer times will vary depending on your bank and many other factors but Zoomtrader prides themselves on making sure they deliver on withdrawals. It’s easy to be concerned about having ready access to your money and Zoomtrader really does work hard to make sure that their traders have the most withdrawal options and easiest withdrawal experience of any binary options platform on the internet.

SAFETY WARNING: Due to some safety issues, ZoomTrader is currently not accepting new clients. Until this situation is resolved, we recommend trading with TradeInvest90. This exciting broker boasts a winning combination of advanced trading interface, various account packages, multiple banking methods and award-winning support team. Open a free trading account now and enjoy in your future trades!


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